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Marketing is one of the most important tools to maximize ROI on your paid advertising expenditure. However, this small sweet PPC features could be more than bringing previous Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth visitors back to your website.

In this article, I’ll show you ten ways you can use remarketing to generate new B2B leads, nurture them throughout the sales process, improve the success of your email marketing and get existing customers back to make a purchase.

Here are 10 sophisticated remarketing for B2B lead generation strategies you need to try.

# 1: Create a remarketing list for every stage of your sales funnel

The first thing you need to do to B2B remarketing strategy is to map your sales funnel. Hopefully, you are already doing this and creating a PPC campaign for every stage of your sales funnel with the user’s address needs as they change throughout the course of the consumers.

If this is not how you do PPC, it should.

With such a strategy in place, you are now going to make a list of the marketing campaign for every stage of your sales funnel, too. The only difference is that this campaign is designed to re-engage users who do not buy into the advertising message and drop off your initial sales channels.

So you’ll create remarketing lists for each stage of the sales funnel and the targets on each with a campaign that is designed to convert them into leads, based on their position in the whole consumer journey.

This approach will also allow you to maintain a lead of one stage of your sales funnel to the next with their transfer to subsequent remarketing lists and target them with relevant campaigns.

# 2: Create a separate landing page remarketing

Now that you know what you are going to create the kind of campaign, it’s time to think about landing page – and you will not send the user to the same page they visit the first time around.

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Your original bid did not work the first time around, so what makes you think repeating yourself going to work now?

Landing pages like Unbounce tool (above) and Instapage makes it easy to create and test a lot of messages landing page.

The essence of creating a remarketing list so that you can target users with highly crafted message and include your landing page to send them to. So you will create separate landing pages for each remarketing campaign with the message that decides is the most effective way to turn it into a valuable lead.

# 3: Create a remarketing list for your email subscribers, also

You might want to think the number of users as the lead once they sign up for your newsletter or download some of your content – but how many of these “leads” are turning into paying customers?

To maximize your email marketing efforts, you’ll also want to create remarketing lists for your email subscribers. Here are some examples of the types of lists you can create:

Users who visit your webinar registration page but did not register

who did not attend the webinar registration

webinar registrations were present but did not repent

webinar participants who converted but have not made a second purchase

These are just four examples of marketing campaigns you can make to improve performance webinar strategy, for each stage of the process of lead generation. You will want to think like this to all of your lead generation strategy.

This will help you generate more email registration via remarketing and improve the quality of your leads by increasing the number of actions taken at each stage.

And that’s not all

# 4: Reach new audiences by Customer Matches & lookalike audience

Google and Facebook advertising Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth platform both offer similar features that allow you to take your email marketing list and use it to target new users to show a similar online interests and behaviors.

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