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How to Automate Quotes & Proposals Capture Leads More

For many B2B businesses, quotation and proposal forms an integral part of generating leads. The problem is they Digital Marketing Company Newcastle can be very time consuming to make up for any prospective client, especially if you’re dealing with a large number of leads on a regular basis.

You want to provide the most detailed quotes and proposals as possible, tailored to the specific needs of any potential client. However, the more you adjust, the time you have to invest in any quotation / proposal and multiplying your workload.

So what is the answer?

As with many things in today’s marketing landscape, the sweet spot between efficiency and quality lies in automation – and, in this article, we’ll show you how to automate the quotation and proposal.

Why automate quotations and proposals?

The goal of any marketing strategy is to bypass automated repetitive tasks. With the technology we have available today, repetition means that you are wasting your time on tasks that can be automated – time that could be better spent elsewhere. The most basic way to automate the quotation and proposal is to use a template, for example, so you do not create a document from scratch every time you pitch it to the client.

You can take the automation even further, though.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can directly generate quotes and proposals so that you do not need to do anything. You can programmatically set the parameters, based on the information your prospective clients submit, to tailor your proposal to their specific needs and automate the entire process. Which means you can have an automated quote strategy / single proposal that generate leads from a dozen different target clients.

In addition to saving time on each proposal, automation makes it easier to filter the leads are worth pursuing from those who do not – all without wasting time on creating proposals for projects that do not fit with your company.

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How to automate the quotation and proposal

Automation changing marketing industry, cutting repetitive tasks such as proposal preparation, and the various tools available is getting better every year. There are many software options that can help you automate the process proposal / offer and the two most popular choice today is Bidsketch and Quoteroller.

Bidsketch promise to cut in half the time of your proposal with various templates and reusable content features to help you accelerate. You can also include an optional add-on costs in your proposal to increase your profits, automating next-step process for your prospects and electronic signature means you can close the deal immediately.

Quoteroller by PandaDoc is a more comprehensive automation tool that helps businesses close deals 28% more. By combining templates and reusable content blocks, you can make a proposal in minutes with minimal customization. You can also see how effective your proposal using PandaDoc analysis to see how long the prospective clients spend on each part of your proposal and tweak your template to improve results.

Both of these tools are a great choice and they will accelerate the creation of the proposal without end. But you can take things further and automate the entire process of proposals / deals so you do not need to do anything. You just concentrate on producing those early lead and let the system automatically takes care of you the rest proposal.


Use to create multi-step for that Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle use conditional logic to ask users questions about the nature of their project. It allows you to specify the type of proposals each user’s needs (for example: web design on a budget of £ 10,000 vs. marketing with an annual budget of £ 250,000 per year) and what their requirements.