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Digital Body Lean Canvas Example (with PDF and DOCX)

Digital Body Lean Canvas Example (with PDF and DOCX)

The first big shout out to that develops Lean original canvas for businesses and startup companies by Digital Marketing Company Nottingham Business Model Canvas. Inspired by this format, we have applied to the world of digital agencies and create a Digital Agency Lean Canvas consists of 10 building blocks necessary to start a digital agency (or indeed spinning existing institutions). Many users  is marketing freelancers or consultants who are thinking about one day taking the leap establish their own digital agency. We dedicate this sleek canvas model for you. We are inspired by the ambition and determination and we hope you find this model useful in the way you think about and describe your new venture!

“Lean Canvas helps us keep our ideas compact yet powerful. It felt like we really fleshed something without having to write a 20-page business plan! Amazing! ” -Pamela Capalad Sleek user Canvas Digital Body Lean Canvas is essentially a business plan for a digital agency on a single page. The best thing about the one-page document is that it forces a nutshell. One page makes you sweat every word and ensure that each contribute a meaningful and special for a description of your new business. One page make others read every word. If you submit a 60-page document you are far less likely to read every word.

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When viewing the page, you will immediately notice the difference in size between the first building block 7: 3 large (Need Market, Unique Selling Proposition, Type Client) and 4 smaller (Mission, Goals, Services, Lead Generation). 3 large blocks larger for a reason – in many cases they need to be more descriptive than the other box. Use the extra space to more clearly describe the three blocks of this building – a better description. 4 boxes for small, short description better.

Let’s step through Lean Canvas Digital Agency a hypothetical digital marketing agency called  Media:

 Digital Agency Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas eg PDF

1. Market Needs

 Boutique wine producer in Napa Valley struggle to stand out in Google  and suffer from low organic  traffic.

Several boutique wine producers Leverage social media channels effectively or see real ROI despite having passionate fans and customers who love their products.

it is difficult to encourage repeat purchases by most customers default to their local wine store and buy imported brands is great for comfort.

This building block is for you handle the problem space. List specific problems your agency will immediately address to the client. A description such as “Client needs help more digital marketing” is not specific enough. Get to the core problem – this can easily be highlighted by talking with potential clients and ask them what their business challenges when it comes to digital marketing. Although Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham it is tempting to jump straight to the solution, these building blocks is all about identifying and empathizing with the client’s problem. As specific as possible.

2. Mission

Media  mission is to pair a great wine maker with great results-driven digital marketing. We believe that the greatest wine made here in the Napa Valley and Sonoma. We also believe digital marketing is done well can transform your business.