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If you are launching a new business or in the process of rebranding, choose a new brand name will be on your Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth to-do list. This is definitely one of the most fun things you will do as a business owner, and often can be the catalyst for the creation of a whole brand.

Unfortunately, it can also be annoying and drawn out process – a lot of ideas will fall flat, and, things compound, many of the best dot com domains are already taken. One of the key challenges of the domain name you will need to pass is a ‘test’ radio. If you’ve never heard this term, keep reading …

What it tests the radio?

When choosing a new brand name, you would have to write hundreds of words. You may be playing a couple of words to create new ones, while others may be combined to create a new phrase. The problem here – especially if you are going through this process alone – is that you will rarely utter harsh words or hear them speak. Everything is good on the page, or internalized.

The problem here is that you do not test your domain to an audio-only audience. If someone hears your brand name on the radio, will they understand, and they can successfully typed into search engines?

Here are some of the main issues of the radio test will expose:

• Number – If you include the number ‘four’ in your brand name, will people search for ‘four’, ‘4’ or ‘for’? For this reason, we would advice to avoid numbers or words that have the same meaning as numbers.

S and underscores – Include s or underscores in your domain and all of a sudden becomes a lot easier to keep the dream of your business name. But, when the customer happy is recommending your services, they really will say: “I suggest Cars And    Leasing Earth”?

Get Creative – Although it may be tempting to use acronyms, abbreviations, slang and spelling inventive, avoid this route if you can. Using brand names such as ‘C4rs 4 U’ or ‘Business  advice’ will only confuse people. Remember – if you heard it on the radio, can you spell it correctly?

• Words alike – If you will choose words that sound the same or another similar but are spelled differently, you’ve failed the test radio. Words such as ‘bass’ and ‘basic’, ‘here’ and ‘hear’ or ‘bee’ and ‘to’ should be avoided, which must be frustrating for the bee keeper! even words like ‘pin’ and ‘pen’ can be confusing.

So, after you test all your ideas, how many Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth have fallen by the wayside? And how many have come through intact? Hopefully, you still have a few winners to choose from. If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.