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War for Space Desk

Table space is a must when you are working in an office. Not surprisingly, you need space to get the job done and had a table presenting the very purpose. Here at Bamboo Nine we have Digital Marketing Company in Bath a communal table where everyone works in one large table, almost resembling a rustic dining table. This allows for easy discussion of ideas for project teamwork and generally more social.

However, it played host to such varied personalities have crea a little war for the table space. Whether it will need more desks for the office because of the success for our company and continuous growth, or whether it is literal space on the desk and personal items screwed workspace. There are several theories about whether to bring personal items with work helps engage or distract us from our professional responsibilities.

It can be a tough job maintaining the workforce and the individual needs of each of our employees, but we want to serve our employees to the best of our ability, thus creating satisfaction in the workplace that makes coming to work fun.


Plants are wonderful to have in the office and it may come as a surprise to know that, here in Bamboo Nine, we even had our own bamboo plants! It helps keep us roo in what we are all about or anything like that.

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It also just looks cool in the pot.

Bring the great outdoors to the office. Plants will not only improve the aesthetics of your office environment, but they will also improve air quality. Our simple bamboo plant not only looks good, she also worked hard behind the scenes to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the office. By having plants dot around the office, you will positively contribute to the good health of your employees.

Bring your own cup

If you are a nut for cleanliness, we really respect that. Some employees decided to bring their own mug to the office because the mind share office mugs available for everyone too terrible. So, to save any difference, some people prefer to only be responsible for their personal mugs and nothing else.

But what happens when you go missing cup or others ‘accidentally’ use it ..

Dress up your table

Several of our employees enjoy dressing up their tables with personal items that help them to feel at home in the office. This table decorations can range anything from a picture and pot pen, for seasonal decorations such as tinsel around Christmas time. A private room tables often can boost productivity and sense of belonging in an office environment. As long as it does not get out of hand and still look professional work, we are happy.

Cultural change Possession

The communal table can make or break some businesses. More often than not, people prefer their own work space that is separate and cornered off from others. We like it in the office. We like our own space, even if we are not in it for a long time. We make sure that people stay out of the invisible line we have marked both sides of our computer screen. If someone attacks our personal space, crossing the invisible line we have so carefully put, we could not handle it.

Of course, not everyone understands. There are some rather questionable people out there in the wide world, who do not care about personal space and less likely to have problems attacking Digital Marketing Agencies Bath the other. Of course, it’s all personal preference. But if you do not care about personal space, it does nothing. And then came the day when your boss announced that all offices will start to hot-desking.