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The science behind a successful logo

The science behind a successful logo


If the logo is what people remember when they think about your brand, you need to stand out from your Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth competitors. For this to happen, you need to consider the importance of individuality when it comes to creating a logo. Avoid generic template and invest in an experienced graphic designer to create a logo to best suit your brand voice.

And apart from considering and differentiate themselves from what is already out there, it is important to use some imaginative thinking as well. As, a graphic designer and creator of the website Logo Design Love says, “The Mercedes logo is not a car. The Virgin Atlantic logo is not an airplane. The Apple logo is not a computer. ” It’s all about creative thinking, more literal.

Know your brand

To create a logo with some degree of substance, which in turn will be memorable – and that’s the goal here, right? – it is important to have a good understanding of the brand. attributes, audience, positioning, objectives and points of difference. While the design trends will play a role, it is much more important for the logo to remain authentic to the brand and built around her DNA.

Think about the meaning behind the logo such as Wikipedia. This is an unfinished world of puzzle pieces featuring glyphs from different writing systems, which harks back to the core of the ideology of the brand.

Color crunch

Just as the philosophy behind the brand, color also plays an important role and there is a lot more than just choosing the color of your or your boss like, or who are currently doing the rounds at the most recent World Summit Design. The table below provides a brief overview of the thought-processes, associations and emotional responses through a variety of colors.

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Image Credit: Google Image


To determine whether you should use the logo or symbol depending on your business name. If it’s something original and unusual enough you can probably get away with just logotype. However, if it is more common visual element you might need for differentiation. One of the things that a record of the dominant brands use their symbols is that they are generally well-established and supported by a large enough ad budget.

Simplicity + flexibility

Another component in the art of creating a good logo is getting a balance between simplicity and the right frame. You want your logo to be interesting, but you do not want someone having to work too hard to ‘get’. A good example of a company that has this nailed Amazon. logo only use the company name, but refers to the extensive inventory through a small arrow pointing down from the A> Z.

Moreover, in the fragmented media world today, where the logo appears in several media, devices, applications and avatars, your logo design should be flexible enough to work in different formats, shapes and sizes at all.

The bigger picture While the logo is important, it is only one component of the marketing mix. A well-designed logo can not work effectively in isolation and not enough to boost your Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth brand and your own business. Your logo should be part of a great brand strategy derived from your overall marketing strategy, which is closely related to your business goals. It’s all interconnected, such as the internet and search online niches that you’ve seen an ad for hiking boots on every web page you visit, even if you only ever see them all.