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Consumers are constantly on the search for the most convenient way to shop. Most people no longer have time Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth to visit a physical store, so they are turning to online shopping. Throughout the year, the online experience has grown – to the point where now the users can buy products directly from social media. One of the early pioneers in pushing this is Facebook, the social network is a perfect place for brands and consumers to come together … until Instagram came.

Application image-sharing social media changed the game completely, and with young people to become very tech-savvy, Instagram became a popular application for them to swarm to. As the dominance of Instagram rose, the brand began updating their marketing strategies to incorporate social media in it. This application sees this as an opportunity and began to allow the company to a product tag their images. Not soon after, the application o rolled out a feature story that will enable brands to tag and sell products. Now, the page explorer has released a new tab called “shopping”. This is the entire feed dedicated to  content. But they did not stop there – Instagram has announced that they will release a standalone application purely to shop!

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Instagram is not the only application in which young people are turning to for shopping though. Snapchat and Pinterest is a strong competitor, too. Though Snapchat is slowly integrating the features of the invention, it is no stranger to advertising and content . Pinterest, on the other hand, always has a feature to link content to other sites – but has made a strong push for it on lately. Now, it allows companies to create ” clothes” posts.

The popularity of social media applications fluctuates constantly. One day, Snapchat may be very popular, but the next Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth one might not. Instagram has yet to show signs of slowing down, especially with and  app immediately. Pinterest, however, has seen steady growth in popularity. It will not come as a surprise if Pinterest take over the online market in the near future – but it up to the younger generation and constantly changing their preferences.