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A Simple Guide to Advertising Pinterest

A Simple Guide to Advertising Pinterest

You want to start advertising your business on Pinterest? Very nice! Let our experts in our PPC agency provides details of where to start:

Do Pinterest right for your business?

 We understand you want your Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth audience to find you wherever they can. But before you start, is Pinterest is used by the target demographic? Here are some useful facts to help you decide:

Pinterest is not just for mom! Half of the millennium the US uses every month Pinterest

Pinterest users most women. Almost half of women online using Pinterest!

Users on Pinterest doing alright for themselves! 34% had at least some college education and 35% had annual revenues of more than $ 75,000.

If you are not sure of the source of visitor demographics or online, contact a digital  agency that will provide a detailed breakdown.

Pinterest ad types are available?

Different ads will appeal to different people. What kind of advertising you choose may depend on the resources of your business and the products you want to promote. Here are the types of ads available in Pinterest:

Pins promoted

A Promoted Pin is one pin your company that you pay to show to a wider audience than just your followers. It was great because they look like an ordinary Pin (apart from a smooth “Promoted” text

 Promoted Pins do not feel invasive and does not interfere with the user experience feeds.

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Image Credit: Google Image

Pinterest ad

Videos Pins

This is exactly what they sound like – Promoted videos automatically play in the news feed, search results, and “More like this” section.


Similar to Video Pins, pin  will automatically play, but will stop after the user has scrolled past.

One-tap Pins

Instead of opening more detail Pin, One-tap Pin will direct users to your website directly. This could be a great opportunity for e-commerce web sites.

App pin promoted

Promoted App pin useful to include the install button on the ad to enable users to instantly download your app.

If you want to learn more about what types of ads that are available on other social media platforms, please contact our advertising team at  social media.

How to create an ad Pinterest

First things first. Create your business account. Pinterest has made it easy to convert an existing account to a business account if you already have one set up. A business account will not only allow you to create your ad, you will also get a lot of aqueous analytical data for your account.

Click the + button and select Create ad. Next, select the Goal Campaign. This is similar to the Facebook advertising objectives:




App Install

Video Awareness

Want to know about the ad’s destination is right for your campaign? Our social media  guru can give the low down on the best for your business.

Establish your budget. This should be the maximum you want to spend more than a campaign, or a daily amount.

Next, you set where you want your ads to appear on a placement campaign. Pinterest will assume you want Digital Marketing Companies in Bournemouth your ad to appear in both the People (in homefeed and associated Pins) and Search (in the search section, the results and associated Pins). Click Edit to choose only one option. Organize your Ad Group. By creating multiple ad groups you can set different budgets and scheduling for ads in the same campaign.