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Why You Need an avr distributor in pakistan

Avr distributor in pakistan (Audio/Video Receiver) makes it easy to access all your home entertainment components from a single “entertainment receiver”. It’s basically a network hub that connects your Blu-ray player, satellite or cable box, iPod, games console and computer to surround sound speakers and your LCD or plasma HDTV.

The best part is being fully immersed in the world of sound. Movies like Avatar and games like Call of Duty have amazing surround sound. Without the right equipment to listen to it, you’ll be listening to mostly monotonous dialogue and low-quality bass from your TV speakers.

What to look for in surround sound

For surround sound, you probably only need a 5.1-channel avr distributor in pakistan. Dolby DTS decoding provides separate 5.1 channels and works very well, but if you want lossless sound (an exact replica of a studio recording), go for Dolby TrueHD or DTS-Master Audio decoding in a five- or seven-speaker setup.

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HDMI, Blu-ray and 3D

If you’ve been putting off buying a Blu-ray player, it makes financial sense to buy an AV receiver with a built-in Blu-ray player. Choose a receiver with at least 4 or more HDMI ports so you can switch components from one HD device to another, and look for a receiver that can up-convert, or upscale, non-HD video. For 3D, choose a device with an HDMI 1.4a port. In other cases, HDMI 1.3 is ideal.

New AVR distributor in pakistan features

Most AVR DISTRIBUTOR IN PAKISTANs have an automatic audio calibration function for speaker configurations. Audio enthusiasts can delve into the manual calibration option to fine-tune the sound to suit their needs. The new AVR DISTRIBUTOR IN PAKISTAN feature iPod docks and bridges, and some have built-in Sirius and XM radio tuners. Expect plenty of internet and computer connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB and even wireless connection to your router, so you can stream Pandora and watch party and holiday photos on your TV.

You can get a good AVR distributor in pakistan for around $500. The surround sound feature of an AVR DISTRIBUTOR IN PAKISTAN can last more than 10 years, as audio technology changes very little over the years.