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Why Custom Box Printing is A Great Branding Tool for Pharmaceuticals?

box printing

Box printing is arguably the most important marketing aspect for pharmaceutical brands. Studies have consistently highlighted the significance of creative boxes in retaining customers and giving them an unmissable brand identity.

The most crucial component is to keep the printed medicine boxes up-to-date with modern trends. Many brands tend to put off packaging redesigning or modifications due to the costs involved.  But the advancements in custom printing procedures have made this process much more affordable and convenient.

Read on to find out how you can make your medicine packaging look persistently fresh and relevant.

Interpreting packaging printing

Customized printing involves many aspects and is used for multiple reasons. The most common ones include:

  • Placing unique brand identity
  • Representing branding through enticing designs
  • Printing communicative content using creative font styles.
  • Capturing customer focus via colors, graphics, and unusual box patterns.

The process of printing involves planning out and creating box appearances that align with the branding objectives and business image. Professional printing methods convert simplistic designs into a polished box appeal that instantly stands out. These directly print high-quality illustrations on the medicine packaging.

Custom options mean brands can select from the full CMYK color spectrum as well as gradients and detail effects.

What does custom printing offer pharmaceutical brands?

Customized printing offers many perks for businesses. Where it gets the required messages across to target customers, printed patterns and textures attract more customers and push up sales.

Some decade ago, such printing was a luxury only bigger brands could afford. But today the landscape has changed to include more small and new medicine-making companies exhibiting custom branding on their boxes. Custom options are especially beneficial if the brand requires:

  1. Full-color graphics in a variety of different colors
  2. A quick turnaround on the print request
  3. A low volume print job
  4. Photo-quality printing
  5. Vibrant, attention-grabbing Point of Purchase retail displays
  6. Prototypes to sample which results will look best

There are mainly 3 types of printing processes that brands usually utilize to create alluring images on their boxes. Each of these printing styles involves a unique process and leads to a slightly different result. Check out these three methods to decide which one may work best for your printing needs:

  • Digital printing: This style involves line-by-line printing that works quickly and doesn’t require any printing plates. It is perfect for printing multiple colors in photo-realistic quality and fulfilling low-volume orders in a fast turn-around time.
  • Flexographic printing: This process rolls a design onto your box using one color layer at a time. It works well with smooth and rough surfaces and so is ideal for large quantities of corrugated shipping boxes. However, the result will not be a high-grade photo quality image.
  • Lithographic laminating: Litho laminating involves printing a design onto paper, then applying this paper to your cardboard box for a sleek and executive medicine package. This method allows for detailed creative work, including foil stamping and embossing. It is ideal for printing large quantities of a premium package, but not usually cost-effective for small printing orders.

How can brands modernize printing?

Custom box printing has taken retailing by storm. Medicine sales are sensitive to varying customer buying patterns. So, staying true to changing dynamics can be better achieved by using the many printing features to the brand’s advantage. Here is what pharmaceuticals can do:

 One: varied box modifications

Most medicine brands offer more than one type of product. Custom printing helps to create unique designs for each one of them.

Brands can keep the similarities (logo, colors, other branding features) while showing the differences in the products’ specifications. This way consumers can immediately recognize the brand while also seeing the differences in the medicine products range. It helps to extend marketing vibes much more effectively than using the same boxes for every product type.

Two: One-off orders

Specialist boxes are typically required for sales and promotions. Getting these printed using custom alterations is a good way to project the desired messages while obtaining a limited-time promotional look.

Companies can add in extra details without having to start the whole design process from scratch. Digital style printing is best for such orders where brands modify certain box components and usually order in smaller quantities.

Three: Updated branding

Branding is what customers remember the business by. But seeing similar boxes becomes boring. The trick is to keep the signature branding elements while modifying extra box components like colors, font styles, adding graphics, tailoring printed texts, and altering the print-enhancing features to keep the boxes looking radiant and fresh.

Most brands use this technique to introduce themselves as ’new and improved’ without redoing the whole box look. This way, the boxes can strongly appeal to new customers.

Four: Display platforms

Medicine makers don’t just comply with one distribution channel. Certain businesses simultaneously exhibit their products at retail stores and sell online. Expert box manufacturers help print each box type separately for every display platform.

They help design boxes for physical retailing using different materials and box shapes. E-commerce packaging is made usually with corrugated paper and in sync with international requirements. Similarly, both box types require varied content, graphics, and box patterns. Tangible retailing demands captivating box appearances while e-commerce medicine boxes are more focused on providing exceptional unboxing experiences.

box printing

Ready for custom printing?

Modern times make it viable to pick custom box features over standard ones. The results both these extend make a world of difference to overall profitability and brand recognition.

The whole process saves time in designing and rectifying potential mistakes, allows for variations whenever needed, and offers shorter turn-around times among other benefits.

Now it is your turn to try your hand at custom box printing. Your medicine boxes would look great, capture attention, and enhance product protection, all at once.


Custom printing can take your pharmaceutical packaging to the next level. It takes limited time and finances to get your desired box look printed right on your medicine packaging.