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Arleta Urgent Care

What Conditions Does Urgent Care Treat
Arleta urgent care offers best health services.

What Conditions Can Be Treated at Arleta Urgent Family Clinic?

Arleta urgent care is a health care center that offers high-quality and proper care services. Treating patients with compassion makes urgent care an excellent healthcare clinic. But what conditions does urgent care treat? Patients who come to seek medical care from Arleta urgent care at the last minute before the clinic closes will receive proper attention in the last 30 minutes before the clinic closes for the day. 

Your primary care provider plays a big role in your health care. The problem is that they may not be there when you have a healthcare concern that needs time-sensitive care. Maybe you have an emergency past closing hours, or it’s a holiday, and you may not get services from your doctor when you urgently need it. 

That is the reason why you need an Arleta Urgent Care Clinic. This clinic offers many healthcare services, and you don’t need to book an appointment to see the doctor. If your health concerns aren’t that fatal, you need to walk into Arleta Urgent Care to receive quick response healthcare. So, what conditions does urgent care treat? Let’s find out. 

Among the benefits that you can get from Arleta urgent care include:

1. Convenience 

Many patients who seek health care at Arleta urgent care often receive a fast response when they walk into our clinic. The patient’s interest is always put above all other interests at Arleta urgent care. Some services patients can access at Arleta urgent care include on-site lab services, medication, and OBGYN. 

2. Affordability 

Seeking healthcare services from Arleta urgent care is quite affordable compared to other health care centers such as ERs. Patients who cannot afford health covers can still access care at Arleta urgent care at low rates. Other covers are also allowed, such as Keiser. 

3. Quick response care 

Seeking medical care from emergency rooms if you have a minor health issue is not ideal. You will have to wait for a long time to receive a proper response because most ERs focus more on fatal conditions. You will receive quick attention at Arleta urgent care clinic because we only deal with minor injuries and medical concerns that are not severe or fatal. 

4. Expert Care

Another benefit you will get from seeking health care at Arleta urgent cares is expert care. The expertise comes from the years of training and experience that the staff and health care experts have undergone. But what conditions does urgent care treat? About 80 percent of medical issues often taken to ERs are treated at Arleta urgent care. 

Kinds of treatments offered at Arleta urgent care clinic 

Arleta urgent care clinic offers various treatments and health care services. Among the many walk-in clinics in Los Angeles, Arleta urgent care provides various health care services. If you are asking yourself – what conditions does urgent care treat? – Here are some of them:

1. Minor burns

Arleta urgent care treats minor burns that are not fatal. These are first and second-degree burns. Burning can be painful and may cause a nasty injury if proper treatment is not offered. Patients with minor burns can get quick and proper health care at Arleta urgent care clinic. The first thing that the doctor will do is check how deep the burnt area is. The treatment area is then cleansed, and an antibiotic is given to stop the infection. The wound is then dressed with gauze and a bandage. The doctor may also provide the patient pain killers for the pain.

2. Rashes or skin irritations 

Skin issues and rashes are also treated at Arleta urgent care clinic. There are many factors that cause skin irritations and rashes. They become severe if minor rashes and skin issues are not treated in time. Arleta urgent care clinic has doctors and experts who can carry out proper diagnosis and treatment of minor rashes and skin issues. Treating such a condition needs timely response, which you can only access at Arleta urgent care clinic. 

3. Sprains and strains 

Both strains and sprains are minor injuries that need attention from an immediate care center. Arleta urgent care clinic offers treatment for sprains and strains at affordable prices. These two injuries have the same symptoms, meaning they need almost the same attention. Arleta urgent care doctors know how to dress such injuries to keep the damage minimal. We offer response treatment, and once a patient has walked into the clinic, they can receive care in less than an hour, no matter the injury. 

4. Pediatric care 

A pediatrician is a doctor with enough training and experience to deal with conditions and injuries that affect children. Arleta urgent care clinic also treats infants, school-aged kids, and teenagers suffering from various injuries and diseases. We understand that children’s health care needs and adults are different. That is why we have experts who understand their health care needs. Our Los Angeles clinic is designed with children’s psychological needs in mind to ensure that they only focus on getting better once they receive treatment. 

5. Ear infections 

Another treatment option that you can expect from Arleta urgent care is treatment for an ear infection. Ear infections and earaches are common in children who are below five years. It is therefore important to check whether your kids have ear infections to get medical attention at Arleta urgent care clinic. Ear infections must be treated urgently in children before they affect the eardrum or other sensitive parts of the year. If you suspect that you or your child has an ear infection, you must rush to Arleta urgent care clinic to receive medical care. 

6. Fever or flu 

Are you coming down with the flu or fever? These health conditions require quick and proper medication. urgent care also helps patients of all ages to get proper medical attention if the flu is not that serious or the fever is not that high.


Arleta urgent care clinic offers excellent health care services, and you can expect a low rate and professional health care. Arleta offers amazing benefits and treats many medical issues other health care facilities provide, including ERs. Patients get quick response services with or without health care insurance. You don’t need to seek medical attention from an ER if your healthcare concerns are minor or are not fatal.