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Starting up a new place for hair care treatments, makeup, and spa activities can be challenging when you cannot find the required makeup supplies and products. A salon and makeup studio are bound with various activities, from simple threading and waxing services to signature bridal looks. You will need the luxury haircare brands and body care essentials for each activity. Select the services you want to offer your customers and get hands-on with the salon supplies.

This article will share a renowned wholesale store where you can find your favorite products for a new startup and source them online. Moreover, we will guide you about the essential equipment, hair tools, and salon essentials. Here is the list of the products and equipment that every new startup must have to offer professional spa and salon services.

Essential Salon Makeup Supplies

Everything falls under the salon essentials, from a simple nail filer to various hair styling equipment. If you are starting a salon for the first time, we advise you to have a good idea about the products and salon equipment. Further, complete your part of the research first by looking at the things you need for your new space. Here are some essentials that you can’t skip at any cost:

  • Salon furniture
  • Manicure and pedicure tubs
  • Professional hair color processing caps
  • Heat resistant hair styling station mats
  • Hairdressing cap
  • Haircutting accessories
  • Professional hair styling equipment and more

Salon Equipment

Without the required makeup and hair services equipment, a salon is incomplete. Additionally, spa services also require a variety of manicure and pedicure tools. You can start by offering some fundamental services and then expand them with time. Further, you can get recurring customers by using the best salon hair products from the best hair care brands. Get hands-on with these salon essentials before purchasing anything else.

  • Barber station mat
  • Hair wash basin
  • Aprons
  • Hand towels
  • Hydraulic reclining chairs
  • Hair scissors and heat resistant mats
  • Salon trolley rolling cart and more

List of Haircare Salon Supplies

Along with salon equipment and salon furniture, there are various hair tools and other products that are generally used for hair care treatments, such as protein and keratin treatment and more. Browse the professional hair care brands list and get hands-on with top professional hair care brands such as Biosilk, Revlon, Keratin Complex, etc.

List of Skincare Salon Supplies

The body care essentials list contains various products from facial masks, body scrubs, and body oils. These products are the preliminary part of spa services. Moreover, the expensive facials only give effective results when top-notch products are used on the face according to the skin type. Therefore, leverage your customers with the best facials in the town in various flavors and effects. For instance, 4K gold facials are quite popular due to their instant glow on the skin. Such kinds of facials show instant results when genuine products are applied.

A salon comes with a range of services that are hard to cover with only a few brands. Hence, stock your salon with various products for all skin types by purchasing essential brand beauty products. Never disappoint your customers with your product selection because this is the first thing that 90% of the customers observe in their first visit.

Where to Buy Essential Salon Supplies?

Are you done with the part of research about the primary things that you need at your salon? Now, let’s dig into where to find the right salon supplies? Many wholesale suppliers and distributors offer beauty products, but not all are reliable enough. US HUB Wholesale is the best wholesale distributor for the best beauty products as it has all the essential beauty products for every girl, an online beauty page, and a salon.

Browse the website to get an idea of the products you can find at wholesale rates for your new startup. For any startup, budget is the first concern. US HUB gives you the leverage to utilize your budget in the right way by making purchases of branded items at wholesale rates. Additionally, all the branded items are available under the same roof to save you from minor convenience. Find everything from a variety of concealer shades to eye shadow kits and other salon supplies under the same roof.