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UPS Systems for Industry – multilink eng

For all facility managers, the thought of a power outage is a horror. With so many industries relying entirely on ICT for their daily operations, protecting the power supply is imperative, as the effects of an outage could be catastrophic.

With the increasing number of online stores and businesses that rely entirely on ICT technology, protecting your power supply should be a top priority. This protection must be reliable, yet cost-effective and efficient, and provide round-the-clock security.

In most cases, companies use UPS systems for this purpose. Uninterruptible power supply provides security and peace of mind, and can be relied upon if a power outage or even blackout occurs. However, a UPS system is a significant investment that is considered vital compared to not having one in the event of a power outage, and this investment needs to be flexible to meet the needs of the business. Many companies would be frustrated if the UPS required constant repairs or even replacement during the system’s operational life. And in the case of a growing business, the unnecessary cost of replacing the entire unit.

With constant innovation and development of new UPS system designs, this is offset. The new, truly modular UPS systems allow new units to be easily added to cover any load increases, eliminating the need for costly replacement. The units operate completely independently of each other, so if one unit fails, the others are not affected by the same problem, whereas with a single-unit UPS, the entire unit would have to be taken out of service for a period of time to allow repairs to be made.

This new modular design also allows for greater efficiency, whereas with a single-unit UPS system, you may find that it meets the demands of a critical load much larger than your own. However, with a modular design, it is easy to adjust the power needed by installing the right number of units, while still providing power to meet the needs of an additional unit if one unit fails, while not providing an excessive amount of additional power.

In addition, UPS batteries can now be easily replaced as only the unit with the problem needs to be removed, so you still have a secure power supply to support your critical load from the UPS unit.

If you are interested in the possibility of installing a UPS system (UPS Systems for Industry) or would like to learn more about UPS battery replacement, contact a knowledgeable provider who can provide detailed advice on your company’s specific requirements and arrange a free on-site consultation.