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The Most Expensive Homes In The World

If a lifestyle change is in your cards, there is nothing better to start with than buying a new home. But like everything else, it has to be done with style and inspiration. And nothing better than buying an opulent residence, capable of making your in-laws turn green with envy and, above all, most expensive homes in the world.

There is such a place, a 103-room mansion spread over 58 acres of gardens and woodland called Updown Court located in Windlesham, Surrey, England. Now this is a great home for the outgoing buyer who likes sports and doesn’t mind carrying a little extra mortgage. This particular property offers several ballrooms, an indoor squash court, a two-lane bowling alley, and a billiard room. If the wife likes gardening, she will find her pleasures in the well-tended 11-acre garden, and chat with good neighbors like the Duchess of York, Elton John and, at nearby Windsor Castle, the Queen of England never does. has done. it has been easier.

To impress your friends, the entry foyer features a wide double staircase inspired by one of the late fashion designer Gianni Versace’s Miami home. Behind the staircase, a grand hall supported by marble columns overlooks an ornamental pond, which supports a fountain that, with the flick of a switch, launches water 200 feet into the air.

Marble abounds. Five acres of more than 30 different types of imported stone line the floors, driveway, and spacious decks. One indoor pool is in the style of a Roman bath, while another is decorated with a two-story stone mosaic depicting a snow-covered Mount Fuji (which would be in Japan …).

This 50,000-square-foot home may be just what you need to escape your daily grind, with its heated marble entryway, 24-karat gold leaf on the studio’s mosaic floor, a helipad for your air trips to the store. , the indoor movie theater and underground garage that has enough space to house eight limousines. Guests can stay in any of the 23 rooms, but in reality, and from my professional point of view, this is perhaps the most important advantage, the cost of maintenance is a modest 2 million dollars a year.

At a convenient price of $ 138 million (that’s right, millions with an “m” like in Mary), this is hands down Luigi’s handpicked bargain of the year. And the added bonus is that you can also pay in pounds sterling; Now who could ask for more Just the perfect place to drop your damn Yankee accent … yeah.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to leave North America and you like horses, I can suggest the Hala Ranch for inquisitive attention. The Hala Ranch, as you can intuitively deduce from the name, is owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (but make an offer and you can call him Al). The prince, who used to be Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, is selling as he has assumed the post of national security adviser to Saudi Arabia. This 56,000 square foot home is just what you need if you are looking for some country décor, peace and quiet. The farm has its own sewage treatment plant, which saves on sewer charges, and a mechanic shop with its own gas pumps and car wash. Cross-country ski trails are maintained throughout the property. The estate’s central lodge is bigger than the White House, so if Hillary wins, you’ll also make her green with envy. It is built in a rustic style, with solid wood beams and stone columns, and contains 15 bedrooms, all with patios and 16 bathrooms, in case one gets stuck.