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The Homeowners Door Buying Guide

Are you ready to make a big statement in your home’s design by choosing the right patio door? The perfect patio door for your home will complement your home’s architectural style and help to define your outdoor living space. What type of patio door you use depends on your home’s design and your lifestyle. There are several factors that have to be considered when choosing a patio door. If you’re uncertain about the type of door you want, this guide may help you make the right decision. We’ve compiled the top tips and knowledge trends for homeowners ready to purchase a new patio door.

Key Signs it is Time to Replace a Patio Door

Old, single-pane glass

• Moisture damage and rotting wood

• Noticeable air leaks

• Cracks in your sashes and sills

• Condensation or fogging between glass panes

• Excessive noise from outside

• Zero functionality: door does not open or close easily

• Door does not lock properly

• You are using a stick to lock the door side panel because the bumper is broken.

Choosing Patio Doors for Your Home

Whether you have a specific look in mind or you want to make your patio door a focal point, you need to know your options. Your patio door should fit the style of the room, your budget, the functionality of the space and improve the overall appearance of the room. If you are thinking about putting your house on the market in the coming years, it is recommended that you choose a door that is timeless so that it appeals to future home buyers as well. By selecting a door that is durable and appealing to a variety of decorating styles, you should notice a large improvement in the value of your home.

Shopping For “Made In China” Vinyl Patio Doors

Purchasing vinyl patio doors that are Made in China have a plethora of added benefits, but what does “Made in China” entail? The guidelines for a “Made in China” label mean that a window must have at least 70% of its production process done within the country. The product must also have had it’s last substantial transformation occur within China. What does this mean for you? This means that you are buying products that are designed to suit Canadian standards and lifestyles, made by experts in the field: other Canadians! At Window City, for example, we extrude our own vinyl from raw material for in-house production by our team of highly skilled engineers. Our vinyl patio doors are sealed units that can stand up against the toughest of Canadian Winters. We also support local businesses ourselves by providing business opportunities to local contractors, builders, renovators, and dealers.

In Conclusion

Patio doors can quickly become a substantial investment. For this reason, and to ensure you maximize the return on your patio door investment, you need to know what to look for. Investing in a quality product will save you time and money. Are you ready to upgrade your existing patio doors or select new patio doors for your new build? Contact Superhouse Windows and find out more windows and doors, and see the difference for yourself.