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The history and significance of Jim Corbett National Park

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When you hear the name Jim Corbett, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a tiger. The park is one of the oldest national parks, and it was the first to implement a tiger conservation programme. The location was the first to be memorialised in the shape of Jim Corbett Park. This is one of the most beautiful natural parks in the world, where tigers freely roaming the grounds. However, when questioned about the park’s history, the majority of people are unaware of it. If you are interested in learning more about the history of this lovely, lush green location, then keep reading this article. luxury resorts in jim corbett.

How did it get its name?

The name of the location is derived from the name of a single human who began his life as a hunter. He was hunting the animal and eventually committed his life to its protection. The human is a British Army officer stationed in India and Kenya, among other countries, where he made a reputation for himself by murdering countless man-eating tigers and leopards1.

That is how his association with these creatures evolved. He made a name for himself by hunting such creatures often, but he subsequently chose to kill those animals that posed a threat to humans and abandoned hunting as a pleasure.

The man, an ardent photographer, wanted to classify and collect information about these creatures and woodlands for the people. Slowly, he made a reputation for himself by defending tigers and aggressively advocating for their preservation.

The Hailey National Park was founded in 1907. It was a game reserve where people could go tiger hunting! This park was established by the British, but after independence, it was designated as the Ramganga National Park, then a few years later, in 1955-56, it was renamed the Corbett National Park, and it is still known by this name. 

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The Jim Corbett National Park is India’s oldest natural sanctuary and has become a safe haven for animals such as Asian elephants, tigers, horned rhinoceroses, and many more over the years. The gorgeous mountains, verdant valley, magnificent river views, and lush green deep forest make this an amazing tourist destination that helps visitors fall in love with nature!!

Here you may enjoy the magnificent scenery, go on safari to see animals and birds, participate in thrilling adventure activities, eat local cuisine, and much more. Book your stay at Resorts by the Baagh, one of the best resorts in jim corbett where you can enjoy both your luxury accommodation and soulful mother nature beauty.