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The Difference Between A Psychologist And A Psychiatrist

Most of us use the terms “psychiatrist” and “psychology” interchangeably. What we don’t understand is that these two terms mean very different things to each other. Both terms are debated, and people are confused about who to ask for help. However, this article will define the different parameters between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. The first difference is the suffixes of the terms. The “-iatry” means medical treatment and the “-ology” of psychology means science. This means that while psychology refers to the study of the psyche, the psychiatrist is the person who treats the medical condition.

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The parameters also differ in the area of education that is required to acquire knowledge in the following areas. While a psychologist studies for more than five to seven years, depending on his or her degree and graduate studies, psychiatrists are physicians by profession. A doctorate or PsyD degree is awarded to those who complete their studies in clinical psychology. The title of psychologist can only be used after the psychologist has completed their studies, research and internship. Sometimes they also use the terms counselor or therapist to define themselves, especially in the social sector. In contrast, a psychiatrist undergoes a series of specialized training in the areas of childhood, adolescence, addiction, adults, drug abuse, etc.

The other difference is that a psychologist cannot prescribe medication to a patient. He or she can only use a series of psychotherapies and counseling to treat the illness. The psychiatrist can use psychotherapy, counseling and medication to treat a patient. A misconception persists that psychologists treat people with mild conditions, while psychiatrists can cure people with severe mental illness. This is not the case. A psychologist can also prescribe medication, but only after consulting a psychiatrist.

The psychologist uses a number of assessment tests to determine the personality disorder and the interconnection between health, behavior and personality. The psychiatrist may also use the same testing tools to determine the condition and severity of the illness.

Understanding the difference between these two terms would help a person decide who to choose for treatment. The basis remains the same and a professional psychologist has the same abilities to treat the illness. The only major difference is the ability to prescribe medication, which can only be done by a treating physician, i.e. a psychiatrist. Neurological Dubai can be found in most social scenarios such as schools and colleges where young adults can meet with them in their moments of stress

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