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While there has always been a market for cosmetic dentistry. smile makeover dentist There has been a dramatic increase in the number of dental

While there has always been a market for cosmetic dentistry. smile makeover dentist There has been a dramatic increase in the number of dental practices offering “quick fix” smile makeovers. A recent article in Dentist magazine shows that. The number of cases of cosmetic dentistry has increased by 34% since 2009. While it is understandable that people with busy lives find a quick and easy fix appealing. Our dental negligence team is well aware that quick does not always mean safe. smile makeover dentist

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Simply put, cosmetic dentistry is dental treatment designed. To improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth, rather than for therapeutic purposes. Treatments include orthodontic work such as ‘Misaligned’ braces (invisible braces to align teeth), crowns, veneers and teeth whitening by bleaching. smile makeover dentist

These treatments are offered privately and can be very expensive,

Often running into thousands of pounds. However, these cosmetic procedures are not without risk. For example, to prepare teeth for veneers, the enamel must be ground away to make way for the veneers. Very often, teeth can be “over-prepared” (too much enamel removed), causing micro-cracks in the underlying dentin. This in turn can damage the nerve and lead to “pulp death”. If the pulp dies, further intervention in the form of root canal treatment is required to prevent. The tooth from failing, which is only a temporary solution – root-filled teeth have a limited life span. Once a tooth is lost, it must be replaced. With dentures or implants (the latter option is more permanent, but also costs up to £3,000).

Rather than improving the appearance of a patient’s teeth, cosmetic treatments can cause unnecessary damage to perfectly healthy teeth. This can lead to more treatments higher costs and an end result. That may not meet the patient’s original aesthetic requirements.

Our Experience

Along with the rise of cosmetic dentistry, the Dental Negligence team has noticed a steady increase in the number of claims against dentists. who do not put their patients’ dental health above expensive treatment plans designed to give them a “Hollywood smile. I have heard from a number of my clients that the risks of cosmetic treatments had not been properly discussed. With them and that they felt cheated because their teeth are now in worse shape than when they started.

One of my clients paid about

£7,000 for crowns and veneers to aesthetically improve her smile. She later discovered that a large number of her teeth (which were previously healthy) were now damaged. And had to be filled with roots or pulled and replaced with implants. The estimated cost of restorative treatment by a cosmetic dentist is almost twice that of the original treatment.

Smile makeovers can be tempting for patients.

However, I believe that many dentists fail in their duty to inform. Their patients of the risks of the procedure and to properly assess the patient’s suitability for the treatment. And instead unnecessarily endanger the dental health of their patients. In my opinion, more needs to be done to ensure that dental health, rather than aesthetic appearance, remains the priority.


If you are concerned that you have received negligent cosmetic dental treatment. Please contact a member of the negligence dentistry team, who will be happy to advise. You of your particular circumstances and whether you have grounds for a claim. sensitive teeth treatment