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scalp micropigmentation treatment
Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment: Benefits

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment: Benefits, Cost, And Its Working

Are you one among those who are battling alopecia? This problem has the maximum number of haters among males and females. Hence it causes hair loss with a receding hairline and partial or full baldness. Thankfully, there are several options for hair restoration available now. A scalp micropigmentation treatment is a non-surgical solution for this hair loss problem. It is a greater option for those who do not want to undergo surgical hair transplants. It is a venerable treatment that offers significant benefits too. Let’s check its working, price, and benefits below prior to planning your SMP session with a hair surgeon.

Working of Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP and hair tattoo are other popular names for scalp micropigmentation. It works to cover the areas of the scalp where hair thinning has occurred. SMP can also cover the bald areas on the scalp, which has a total loss of hair. A hair surgeon uses tiny needles to deposit the pigments into the scalp. These pigments are deployed in the form of small dots that creates the look of a shaved head. However, this procedure is not like a standardized tattoo drawing. But it requires specialized tools, skills, and precision to create the illusion of a fuller head covered with cropped hair. So, you must get it done by a board-certified hair surgeon only.

Cost of Scalp micropigmentation treatment

Every cosmetic procedure has its own features and characteristics that make it valuable. In the context of SMP, the price per session could vary anywhere from 400 to 1000 $. But this is not the fixed price as it could vary due to several reasons. There are factors like the density of hairs, areas to be covered, skin type, scar concealment, style, etc. For example, a surgeon would have to use more pigments for the dark-colored skin to match the results. So, the use of more pigments would result in high prices. Similarly, concealment of scars would increase the cost of SMP treatment.

Benefits of SMP

1. 100% safe

This treatment is a completely safe solution for people with hair loss. It contains no use of drugs and harmful chemicals, so do not have any side effects. Also, it does not involve any incision on the scalp, so the chances of infection are low.

2. Budget-friendly

You might not have the budget to undergo a surgical hair implant. But can easily manage to afford scalp micropigmentation treatment due to its reasonable cost. It also does not requires follow-ups after the procedure that would cause you to spend money again and again.

3. Hide scalp imperfections

The unfavorable hair loss can occur anywhere on your scalp to make it look weird. Moreover, your scalp might have scars due to an accident. Therefore, a session of SMP can camouflage the scars efficiently. It can also evade scalp imperfections by giving you a smooth and good-looking head with illusioned hairs.

4. Regain confidence

Hair loss could have a psychological effect, too, as it makes people look ten years older than their actual age. SMP can help people with regaining confidence by giving younger looks.

To sum up

Eventually, scalp micropigmentation treatment is a boon in the cosmetic world. It is the easier way to get rid of that balder look of the head that people notice quickly. You do not need to suffer more as this treatment is available easily. You can consult a skilled hair surgeon and can get it done in a single session. However, you may need a second session in case you have scars on your head to be concealed.