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The Ultimate Handbook for Becoming a hafiz

Learning Quran online UK

In the eyes of many Muslims, becoming a hafiz is a great honor.Learning Quran online UK When you achieve the status of a hafiz, your social standing rises as well. But are unsure how to do so. It is challenging to learn the Holy Quran. Hifz Quran requires a significant amount of time, dedication, patience, and effort. To memorize the Holy Quran, you must have proper guidance. It is challenging to learn the Learning Quran online UK without appropriate direction.

But there is no need to be concerned if you know what steps to take to make Hiz Quran easier for you.  Aside from these, numerous other factors will assist you in memorizing the Holy Quran.

Seek Allah’s Assistance

Nothing is possible without Allah’s will. As Muslims, we should seek His guidance in all aspects of our lives. So, how can you memorize Allah’s words if you don’t seek His advice and assistance? Always begin with Allah’s name as the first step in learning the Online Quran Teaching Academy. By seeking Allah’s aid, you will gain motivation to continue memorizing the Quran. So, whenever you begin memorizing any part of the Quran, always start with the name of Allah and ask for His assistance.

Online Quran Memorization

Everything is now possible to learn online in this age of digital media. So, why attend a madrasa to learn the Quran when you can memorize it online? It offers numerous advantages to Hifz Quran online guide. When you know Quran online, it is much easier to find an expert Quran teacher. Furthermore, you do not need to travel anywhere to learn Hifz Quran because Timings can be adjusted as needed. It means you can schedule the class around your schedule and availability. With all of these advantages, it is preferable to memorize the Quran online rather than attending a madrasa.

Set a daily goal

The entire Quran online cannot be Hifz in a single day, week, or month. To memorize it, you must be consistent and patient. Aside from patience, you should set daily goals that you must meet in a single day. Decide which portion of the Holy Quran you will memorize in a single day. Then don’t stop until you’ve entirely learned that piece, which will eventually lead you to Learning Quran online UK altogether.

The goal should be attainable

Some people wish to become hafiz overnight, but this is not possible. They set their daily goals far too high for this purpose. It makes meeting their daily goals challenging. Furthermore, they jeopardize the quality of their memorization. They won’t be able to remember it for long if they do it this way. It hurts them and makes Hifz Quran even more difficult. That is why, rather than attempting to become a Hafiz in a single day, you should focus on the goals that are available to you.

Revise While You’re Doing Your Routine Chores

 It aids your brain’s perception that it is something significant. You will memorize the Quran more quickly.  Continue reading them while doing your housework. These verses will be permanently stored in your mind as a result.

Distractions should be avoided

Distractions impede the learning process Online Quran Tutor. Suppose you are in an environment with a lot of noise and other distractions. A distraction is one of the reasons why memorizing the Quran in a madrasa is difficult. There are many students in the madrasa, which causes a lot of noise. The noisy environment diverts the teacher’s attention, and the student does not receive adequate.

Do not give up hope

You don’t become a hafiz overnight. The process of memorizing the Quran takes time and effort. Hifz Quran requires patience and consistency because it typically takes 2 to 3 years to learn it thoroughly. Some people become frustrated and lose hope as a result of these factors. As a result, they are unable to fulfill their ambition of becoming a hafiz. Because if you give up so fast, you will never be able to complete your goal of memorizing the Quran.

Getting Up Early in the Morning

 Waking up early in the morning will also increase your speed to Hifz Quran. It is an excellent method for increasing the speed with which you memorize the Online Quran Tutors in UK. Your brain is fresh. As a result, it improves memory capacity. That is why, after fajr, you should learn for at least half an hour.


 It becomes much more manageable. You will be able to memorize the Holy Quran by following some helpful tips. Compared to those who do not follow these tips, you will become a Hafiz in a shorter period.