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Find the perfect IT job to celebrate IT Professionals Day

Security Architect - IT job

Security Architect - IT job

If you're considering applying for an IT job or want to make a career change within the tech industry, now is the time to do it.

Find the perfect IT job to celebrate IT Professionals Day

The time to enter the tech industry or make a career change is now if you are interested in getting a job in IT.

The third Tuesday in September marks the International Day of Information Technology Professionals. It is IT Professionals Day, founded in 2015 to honor the tech wizards who make sure the average employee’s workstation runs flawlessly by keeping it connected to the company network. According to, they are responsible for managing the hardware and software.

You can give your IT pros a simple Slack message or a cup of coffee if you want to show your appreciation. It’s a great time to switch careers within information technology and apply for tech jobs or make a career change if you’re feeling left out of the festivities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the tech industry has hired over 120,000 people. According to Lance Whitney, a TechRepublic contributor, at least two U.S. technology companies hire at near two-year highs in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report “Employment Situation Report.”.

There is also an increase in the number of open technology positions posted online. According to a new CompTIA report, such posts jumped to 321,000 in August, with 30% involving an emerging technology.

Approximately 96,900 new jobs were created in software and application development in August. IT support specialists were second with 87,400 jobs, followed by web developers with 20,300 jobs, and systems analysts with 20,000 jobs.

Find the perfect tech job to celebrate IT Professionals Day

Our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date information about the most dynamic IT positions. Who knows, though? On the third Tuesday of September next year, your coworkers may write you a thank you note.

Security Architect

Security architects develop and implement both preventive security protocols and effective response policies and procedures for system security breaches. In addition to owning and assuming the responsibility for policies and protocols’ success or failure, the Architect is also responsible for their failures.

System Integration Specialist

System Integration Specialists are usually called upon to support specific integration projects or to provide general assistance to departments or business units that need help getting things working. To succeed, System Integration Specialists need a good general understanding of how IT equipment and software work, as well as the ability to apply that knowledge to system-related problems.

Python Developer

The Python Developer must have superior coding and programming skills, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate successfully with team members. As well as translating vague concepts into plans, they should also be adept at setting up milestones and establish timeframes. Moreover, Python Developers are often part of a development team that includes product managers, developers, and other stakeholders.

Application Support Engineer

Application Support Engineers provide technical support for software development, installation, and maintenance of current systems and new ones as they are developed. They typically fall under IT support; however, their duties can also include providing operational support.

Back-End Developer

A Back-End Developer manages the behind-the-scenes activities that make a website dynamically responsive as well as designing, programming, and testing the systems. These developers work with server-side applications, databases, and servers to create seamless, functional experiences for end-users that are the result of combining front-end and backend apps.

Network Engineer

Operationally, the Network Engineer falls somewhere between Network Administrators and Network Architects. The Network Engineer is responsible for implementing the vision of the architect while providing admins with user-friendly tools. In short, Network Engineers are better positioned than anyone else within an organization to assess the performance of a communications network.

Mainframe Systems Programmer

A mainframe system programmer is responsible for implementing and maintaining an organization’s server computer, as well as performing routine maintenance and updates on the mainframe computer. Installing, testing, and updating hardware, software, and operating systems allow them to accomplish this task. Mainframes are also often programmed in older legacy languages and legacy systems.

iOS Developer

The iOS Developer creates and develops mobile applications for the iOS platform, following the company’s goals and standards. To be successful, they must know how iOS works on Apple devices and how it works on different sizes of screens.

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