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Is Space Clearing the Same As Feng Shui1?

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Recently, a potential client called to say that he had chosen to work with a “space cleaner” rather than go ahead with a feng shui consultation. I don’t take these rejections personally, because I know this person doesn’t understand the real difference between the two. It could be on par with calling a doctor regardless of his specialty.

Space cleaning can be explained in two basic formats. When there has been a lot of illness, heartbreak, arguments, or any unpleasant episode in a home, “space cleaning” techniques can make the home feel like a great weight has been lifted. Many people are familiar with some space cleaning rituals, such as burning sage in or around a property, but there are also other procedures that may involve ringing bells, thorough cleaning of all surfaces, prayers, spreading salt on rooms. floors and a host of other rituals.

These activities can result in a temporary change in the chi of a room. Soaring bells can pass through a “stuck” magnetic field and salt can absorb excess moisture in a room. But the key word is “temporary”. Space cleaning techniques are not as substantial or specific as feng shui remedies temporary space solutions singapore . Unless someone was engaged in performing space cleansing rituals every day (which could easily take an hour or more), I doubt that the chi in a room is continually balanced.

An example of a place that might not need a literal feng shui analysis is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. This is a place of worship for Sikhs, where there have been almost continuous chants 24 hours a day for hundreds of years. In this example, the “space cleaning” vibrations occur continuously. The Golden Temple would actually be a very interesting feng shui case study because it is surrounded by an artificial lake on all four sides. The building also has entrance doors on all four sides to symbolize its openness to people of all faiths.

Another reason to use space cleaning techniques is when there is a real ghost in the house that needs to be removed, but unless the person cleaning the space is indeed a very pure gutter then it might be better to bring someone in. more experienced to do this type of work.

The difference between space cleanliness and feng shui is that space cleanliness does not address the cause of the problems that space cleanliness tries to “clear away.” Classic feng shui can reveal whether a home tends to cause money problems, fertility, relationships, accidents, health problems, legal problems, and even attract ghosts. Then there are remedies that can be installed and work semi-permanently. Most of the time, cleaning the space is a pleasant and complementary modality to feng shui, but not a permanent solution.