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IELTS Writing Task

IELTS Writing Task

IELTS Writing Task

Start by Planning the IELTS Writing Task

Planning IELTS Writing Task

Can you build a house without proper design to follow? Of course not. Plus, the planning process gives you a good framework to follow. Here are some ways to start by planning the IELTS writing task you should know before preparing for writing part in IELTS.

Start by Planning the IELTS Writing Task

An essay can be planned by thinking through all aspects of the question – the minimum word count required the number of paragraphs you will include, a main idea for each paragraph, and then explanations and examples to support your ideas.

You should also think about the structure of the essay when planning your essay – the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. To get a detailed understanding of the same, turn to overseas education consultants. Here are some benefits you should follow if you really want a good preparation for IELTS. Also, you can join the best IELTS coaching near you or as I suggest you should join the best IELTS coaching in Jaipur as they will help you in IELTS preparation without weighing you down.


Once you have planned your entire essay, you are ready to use the other part of your brain and just focus on writing the essay.

Here, it is imperative that you stick to the strategy. Random ideas should be avoided, although you can always revise and improve your essay plan.

Also be sure to use concise and active language. Focus on the grammatical aspect of your writing. Ignore all grammatical errors by simplifying difficult sentences.

Use connectors and transition words to ensure fluency when reading; for example, words like however, conclude, begin, on the other hand, etc.

Check your essay for misspellings and punctuation marks. Read the question again and make sure you have answered all parts of the question correctly. Also know about Difference Between IELTS vs TOEFL