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How To Know That Your Furnace Has High Efficiency

furnace maintenance in North Richland Hills TX

People nowadays are more conscious about their home facilities than ever before. And that is a good thing. And when it comes to energy-consuming appliances like HVAC systems. They get extremely alert to make sure these equipment are functioning properly. If you want to save your finances by using a low energy-consuming furnace, you need to make sure that it has high efficiency with a minimal amount of waste. But how do you make sure that your furnace is energy efficient? This is where you can call for furnace maintenance in North Richland Hills TX to check for various furnace efficiency factors.

Here we shall discuss some common factors that professionals tell you how energy efficient your furnaces are.

Companies Offering Furnace Maintenance In North Richland Hills TX Tell You About Your System Age

Age is one of the most obvious factors that determines the efficiency of your furnace or your HVAC system. Residential heaters lifespan is around 15 to 20 years. And according to experts specializing in furnace replacement services in Fort Worth TX, the efficiency of the system is reduced by 5% every year. That is why professionals recommend keeping your HVAC system regularly maintained every month. This enhances their functionality and performance. You won’t need to pay a huge amount of cost when you need to replace the whole system.

Check Your Energy Bills Over Time

Less efficient heating systems have difficulty in producing heat and thus require more energy. You will get aware of this when you see a sudden rise in your utility bills. It is advisable to compare your current bills with your past ones. See the price gap between the two. You will notice how much energy is being consumed by your HVAC systems. Either you immediately call for furnace maintenance in North Richland Hills TX, to fix things completely. You can order for a replacement. The bill rates will also depend upon which energy source you use—fuels like propane or natural gas sources. 

Knowing The AFUE

AFUE is an energy efficiency number that is labeled on every furnace equipment. Most furnaces have it labeled directly next to the model number. It is easy and straightforward to read. it shows how heat energy successfully keeps the building or a workplace warm. Take this, for example, a furnace labeled with 80% of AFUE will pass 80% of heat energy to the room or the entire building. The other 20% is the used-up fuel waste called ignition. According to professionals specializing in furnace replacement services In Fort Worth TX, modern furnaces are of top quality and extremely efficient. In case you are using outdated furnaces whose AFUE is below 10% to 15%, do not let them consume any more energy and increase your bill. 

Now that you know about the different efficiency factors of a furnace or other heating systems, call Malcolm’s Heating and Air to order our services now. We specialize in AC installation services, indoor air quality inspection, and HVAC maintenance services. Call us at  (817) 333-7310 to learn more about us.