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Home Appliance Repair: What to Do When Your Ice Maker Is Not Making Any Ice?

During hot summer days, the ice machine is our best friend in the kitchen. But what if your ice maker suddenly stops producing ice, what should you do? Well, my friend, you are in luck, because this article will help you to know why and what are the necessary steps to follow to solve the problem.

So why isn’t your ice maker making ice?

1. Electrical connection

First of all, check if your machine is connected to the outlet, if it is, check if the outlet is working well and is transmitting electrical current. Then turn on your ice maker to check if it is okay or not. The cable along the right side of the machine should be lowered as far as possible. If it is in an elevated position, your machine is off and will not produce ice.

2. Correct the freezer temperature

If the ice maker cord is seated correctly and turned on, proceed to check the freezer temperature. The temperature should be within the range of 0 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is above 10 to 12 degrees, your machine will not make ice.

For a newly installed ice maker, it will take up to 24 hours for the machine to run and cool down. A newly installed ice maker may not work until the ice mold temperature has dropped to approximately 15 ° F – 16 ° F. If you have just added a water line to the refrigerator, the machine may take about an hour and half to start working. Also, a newly installed water line may have air in the line. Sometimes it may take a few ice making cycles to clear the air line.

3. Check the water source

Okay, to make ice, you need water. Therefore, make sure that water is flowing into the ice maker. Check the tube for kinks and look for frozen particles stuck inside the water tube. Also make sure the house’s water supply is on. Sometimes the water inlet valve can be damaged. If there is water in the ice maker, but it is not freezing, use a freezer thermometer to verify that the temperature is cold enough for it to freeze appliance repair Edmonton.

4. Check the copper supply

Make sure the copper supply line to the refrigerator is turned on under the sink or coming from the basement.

After checking all the factors mentioned above and making sure the freezer is cool enough but still not producing ice, check and feel the bottom of the ice making unit. This place is normally cold for an ice maker to run smoothly. But if it’s hot or hot, the small heating element inside may be stuck or damaged. This heating element when turned on melts the bottom of the cubes so they can be released and collected by the ejector blades. In this case, you will need to replace this part to get your ice maker running smoothly again.

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