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Five Tricks You Must Know When Designing Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette Boxes

Custom packaging plays a significant part in communicating a brand’s message. If done right, it will show you as a responsible brand otherwise the audience will choose any other brand as the options are multiple in marketplaces. Similarly, tobacco products need to be wrapped in a high-end packaging to create a difference. The demand for cigarettes has been rapidly increasing. And to entice the smokers, it is important to use interactive cigarette boxes.

Although it is true that in this fast time. People do not have enough time to dig deep attention into the specifications of the cigarettes. But still a unique packaging design can surely hold their focus. In this way, it is necessary to present the cigarettes in eye-catching boxes. These boxes are usually made from cardboard boxes. And can be designed appropriately by using various attractive themes.

Make the Product Handy

When you make your product convenient in use, it sells. Design the packaging boxes in such a way that it will bring ease to use.

  • Most smokers always take the cigarette cases along with them. As they are your target audience, you must fulfill their needs. So that you will become a favorite brand for them. To meet this milestone, use the custom boxes that remain intact during the travel. In this way, you will be able to improve the customers’ response towards your brand.
  • Impress the potential users by giving them an easy as well as unique cigarette container solution. You can use a slider inside the box for user convenience.
  • Use durable packaging so that you will be highly preferred. A long lasting packaging can be used for other purposes when the product gets finished.

Highlight Important Details

Your customer does not want every minor detail of the product. Instead, he is more concerned about the experience of smoking and the beholder of the product. In this way, avoid adding too much text in the packaging. It will bring you nothing but disappointment.

To prevent such circumstances, always focus on important details that are useful for you as a brand and for the consumers. For example, you must add the brand name and logo on the box in a manner that is highly visible.

These are the crucial details to be added in any packaging. And by adding them on packaging, you will not need costly marketing strategies. Your brand name and logo can effectively communicate your brand name. So that you will be well recognized in the crowd. Besides, you can add manufacturing and expiration dates to represent you as a sincere brand.

The typography is also important in illustrating the brand image. The selection of font style. And size should be done wisely. Refrain from using complicated styles and pay more focus on making the text vibrant.

Use Unique Styles of Boxes

Now is a time when people purchase what they find attractive. Packaging matters a lot in stimulating the decision-making of the buyer. And when they get the product, packaging continues to play its role even afterward. If their first experience is good, they will surely purchase again and again.

When the consumer finds the product cased in a unique style of box, he will prefer buying it. The cigarettes are first wrapped in foil sheets to remain safe from extraneous effects. And then they need to be packed in a unique box. For such purposes, different shapes of boxes can assist you.

Generally, rectangular boxes are used. But you can be creative to make the packaging more personalized. For instance, design your cigarette packaging following some particular events. These boxes can be designed as gift boxes. By giving those different shapes such as round or heart shapes. In this way, you will be able to get a large audience.

Print the Boxes as Per Customers’ Interest

Cigarette pack on white isolated background. 3d

Printing is important in any type of packaging. It is the most useful way of communicating the brand values to the target audience. For instance, if your target audience is young people, you must add those colors and prints that will entice them.

Young people want to look cool wherever they go. Unique cigarette containers are the boxes they prefer. Similarly, for the adult audience, retain the packaging simple but sturdy. Paying focus on the prints and designing the box accordingly is very important. For this purpose, knowing the target audience is very crucial.

First, you have printed the design on the box.  The after-printing feature should also be taken into consideration. Illuminate your brand value in the best possible ways. You can use glossy as well as matte coatings to make the packaging even classier. Also, you can use spot UV laminations in order to prevent the foil-wrapped cigarettes from the outside temperature.

Add Warning Labels

In most countries, tobacco products are prohibited to be promoted.. There is no point in bragging about the usage of the cigarette in such circumstances But you can attract the audience through the packaging style. Anyhow, adding warning labels is crucial to prevent your brand from being banned.

As you cannot promote the usage of tobacco products. But you can thoughtfully design the packaging. Do proper research and consider the legal terms. Every country has its legal policy and rules. You must design the packaging as per those terms. But you can still be artistic to attract the audience if you have impressively designed the packaging.

Most cigarette companies add warning labels such as ‘smoking is injurious to health‘ or ‘smoking kills’. By adding such labels, you will also be manifested as a responsible brand.


The number of smokers is increasing with time. And cigarette companies pay particular heed in this regard. They use designs to attract the audience. So that their business growth can be certain.

You can increase sales by offering a handy as well as an inspiring packaging solution. Although the chances of promotion for tobacco stuff are limited. Unique design packaging can still entice the consumers.