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2 Important Factors you Need to Know While Designing Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

The bath bomb was created in 1989 by lush cosmetics. It is an outstanding mixture of wet and dry ingredients which are molded into beautiful shapes. The bath bomb comprises ingredients such as essential oil, scent, moisturizer, or colorant.

Get uniquely designed bright custom bath bomb packaging boxes to put your bath bombs. The bath bombs amazingly highlight the retail market shelves.

So, how can you conserve the quality of bath bomb custom boxes? You can do so by adding outstanding custom designs and artistic features. The outlook is the main aspect required in order to highlight the boxes.

Focus on the below-listed techniques in order to transform your bath bombs.

Select a Lavish Opening Design for Your Bath Bomb Packaging

The packaging for bath bombs plays a great role in customization, so make it appealing to your customers. However, there are innumerable creative designs for encasing your bath bombs to make them look attractive. You can follow various techniques to enhance the beauty of your custom bath bomb packaging.

Moreover, you can also take an extra step further and add attractive branding colors to your Custom CBD Bath Bomb Boxes, for which the packaging company can guide you perfectly. 

There are the following designs available for custom bath bomb boxes:


Seal Ended Boxes

Seal-ended boxes will keep delicate bath bombs safe. Moreover, these boxes are manufactured with good parameters to add more value to your bath bombs.

There are great advantages of availing of seal-ended boxes. This box-style comprises a sticky flap that keeps the bath bombs safe. Moreover, it helps to keep the bath bomb’s weight balance within the box. Additionally, you can enhance the layout of the boxes by adding outclass features. Like you can add the bath bombs specifications, ingredient list, usage, etc. 

Book-end Box

If you are seeking to give your bath bomb package an attractive outlook, then inscribe graphical imprints on the boxes. The book-end box includes a double-thick front cover and contains a good amount of space where you can inscribe the ingredients, bath bomb usage specifications, etc. Just don’t forget to add your brand logo. It will immensely enhance the outer look of the Kraft boxes for bath bomb packaging. 

Tuck-end bath bomb packaging

The most functional yet durable style available in the market is the tuck-end box style. It is a functional box that is manufactured to keep the bath bombs safe. You can get these boxes in rectangular or square shapes mostly. However, this box style contains a put-in-position technique that assists in the easy utilization of bath bombs. Moreover, its friction lock system makes the re-packaging of bath bombs handy.