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Damascus Steel Knife

Damascus Steel Knife

The Appearance Of The Blade

The Appearance Of The Blade

Quality Of The Blade

The pattern on the paper should be contrasting and fairly clear. Before buying, you can always check the product like this: whether the knife is properly molded, determine the steel structure, and also check the quality of the blade’s hardness. For the pattern to be visually contrasting, the percentage of carbon content in the steel must be at least 0.4%. The description of the pattern on the Damascus steel blade may also depend on the mood: there will always be a more contrasting pattern in the hardest place.

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But the size of the image usually depends on the number of layers: the more you create the main layer, the smaller the pattern. Although it is widely believed that more seams mean more strength, professionals know that the number of welds is directly proportional to the risk of a breakout. “No penetration” or, for example, metal corrosion.

Properties Of Power

You need to pay attention to the number of specific areas between the layers where there was no welding. These areas are called vacuoles. Lack of penetration is considered a defect in the product which also spoils the beauty of the blade. But it rarely has a significant effect on the properties of power. Lack of internal penetration can cause the blade to malfunction when the blade is under too much load. But if the non-penetration falls directly into the curve area, the knife may eventually lose its ability to cut well. Because problems are possible if a lack of penetration is found in the tile sheet. This can cause some splints to fall off.

Steel Composition And Quality

Structure Of The Damascus Steel

The structure of the steel should also influence the choice of blade. If steel with poor performance characteristics and poor chemical composition is used, the blade will not have much strength. And if, on the contrary, the structure contains steel, which is not welded in almost any forge, or is very important in heat treatment, there will be a great lack of penetration and weak welds on the knife.

Main Function

In order for the knife to perform its main function – to cut well, you need to pay attention to the bison, that is, the quality of sharpening the blade. It is important to make sure that the cutting edge of the blade is sharp at equal angles. If sharpening is uneven and is done at different angles, the blade will be of poor quality.

Features of the Damascus steel knife

But most of the positive features of the Damascus Steel Knife can lose their meaning due to the incorrect geometry of the blade. If the structure contains breakable steel. The master often resorted to tricks and thickened the body and sharp part of the blade to increase the density. As a result, the knife will have a much sharper angle and worse cutting properties.