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Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service – Certified Arboriculture Expert

There are homeowners who do most of their own tree service. There are workers who cut trees and branches for others. There are local guys who cut trees and do tree trimming for part-time income. There are local businesses that provide tree service, tree removal, and stump grinding. Then there are the certified arboricultural experts.

Certified Arboriculture Expert is not just a degree. To obtain the status of Certified Arboricultural Expert from the International Arboricultural Society, a person must really put forth effort and also demonstrate a detailed and thorough knowledge of arboriculture. A world of difference separates an arboricultural expert from a forest manager. When the forestry expert concentrates on the forest, the arboricultural expert evaluates each tree or plant and takes care of its individual health.

The International Society of Arboriculture has served the tree company care industry for more than 80 years as an educational and scientific organization. It promotes the professional practice of arboriculture. They also promote greater public awareness of the benefits of trees. It does so through research, technology, and education.

They work to accomplish many things, including:

-To strive for continuous self-development by increasing their qualifications and technical competence by keeping abreast of technological and scientific developments that affect the profession.
-Not misuse or omit material facts in the promotion of technical information, products or services if the effect is misleading or misrepresented.
-Maintain paramount the safety and health of all people and strive to protect property and the environment in the performance of professional responsibilities.
-Subscribe to fair and honest business practices in dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and other professionals.
-Observe the standards and promote adherence to the ethics contained in this Code.
-Support the improvement of professional services and products by promoting research and development.

As stated by the International Society of Arboriculture, its arboriculture certification was developed for Professional Arboricultural Experts in order to provide members of government and the public with a way to identify those professionals who, through examination and a professionally developed education program, have a thorough understanding of tree care practices. The program is also designed to be an educational program that enhances the technical competence of people in the tree care industry. In this way, you create incentives for these people to continue their professional development.

The certified arboricultural expert you select for your next job has completed a very detailed study of the arboriculture field and maintains it through periodic recertification. Some recommended subjects of study to pass the exam and maintain certification include:

-Introduction to Arboriculture
-Safety regulations for federal, state and municipal
-Tree support systems
-Rules for the care of trees
-General pruning
-Systems support
-Lightning protection systems
-Tree inventories
-Integrated pest management
-Tree pruning
-Best management practices
-Integrated Management of Trees, Shrubs and Landscaping Vines
-Tree biology
-Safety of tree workers
-Identification and selection of trees, diagnosis and disorders
-Plantation and Early Care
-Tree maintenance
-Care of plant health
-Soil and Water
-Risks evaluation
-Tree protection
-Construction management
-Utility pruning
-Analytical resources for the evaluation of plants and sites
-Plant selection, management and maintenance of arboriculture