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Karachi – City of Lights
Karachi, even if you haven’t visited yet, you must have heard its name as one of the world’s largest cities. However, land mass or population size are not the primary defining characteristics. Karachi has its own unique DNA that makes it very distinct from other cities across Pakistan. Here are some fascinating facts about this huge, bustling city that define its unique and interesting characteristics.

Cosmopolitan Port City
Being a city with a warm water port, Karachi not only offers picturesque vacation spots but is also a busy commercial and commercial hub. The city has experienced tremendous growth since the establishment of Pakistan backed by business opportunities and subsequent immigration from all over the country and abroad, making the city a quintessential cosmopolitan city find hotels in karachi.

cultural diversity
Karachi is the only city in Pakistan whose population comprises of all the diverse ethnic groups from all over the country, hence it is referred to as Little Pakistan. It is a city built by immigrants and thus one can experience all the diverse traditions, cuisines and languages ​​making Karachi a melting pot of cultures.

Business and Investment Center
Due to its strategic geographic location, deep sea warm water port, and adventurous people, Karachi is the commercial capital of Pakistan which generates around 65% of the national revenue. All this is receiving great interest in the city by local and international investors especially in industries, financial sector, services and real estate. In recent years, real estate has seen unprecedented interest and huge investments have been made in the form of high-rise buildings, housing associations of international standards, mega malls and new hotels in Karachi, rapidly changing the city skyline.

peaceful city
Due to the geopolitical turmoil and the huge economic potential of the city, this beautiful city became a victim of terrorism and experienced a phase of instability. However, with the collective efforts of law enforcement agencies and state agencies, the threat of terrorism was eliminated and peace returned. This has resumed commercial interest for local and international investors and tourists from all over the world as they make their way to explore the mega city.