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Avoid These Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning is often seen as fluid and adaptable and if you asked 10 different people their opinions on how to care for your carpet you would probably get 10 different points of view. Some opinions come from tradition and others are simply misconceptions that have a way of staying in someone’s mind. It is important to separate fact from fiction to understand what is best for your carpet for aesthetic and health reasons.

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that carpets don’t need professional cleaning on a regular basis. While your carpet may not need professional cleaning frequently, most carpet professionals agree that commercial cleaning is a good idea on an annual basis. If you have children or pets, your carpets may require cleaning every six months. Professional cleaning is simply a more thorough job and it works to remove dirt, grime, and even stop mold growth. These are items that you simply cannot accomplish with conventional cleaning methods Some cleaning companies are tailored to a specific market, such as office cleaning. When searching multiple companies, it’s a good idea to find out if they know your type of location well. For example, an industrial area or a factory may require specific safety precautions. Cleaning special types of equipment may require training, and working in highly confidential or potentially dangerous environments is something you don’t want a newbie to do commercial cleaning dallas tx.

A second mistake people make is the belief that professional services require harsh chemicals that can damage your carpet fibers or even cause allergic reactions. Many carpet cleaning companies now offer a wide selection of eco-friendly and organic alternatives that use eco-friendly components like vinegar and baking soda, among others, to properly clean your carpet. If you are concerned about the chemicals used in professional cleaning solutions, be sure to ask the company ahead of time what they will use. If you have family members with allergies or who are sensitive to chemicals, ask for more organic alternatives.

The third big mistake when it comes to carpet cleaning is the belief that price should be the final determining factor. While price is important, it’s important to remember that you often get what you pay for when it comes to services like this. Carpet cleaning is not a cheap deal and the cost of cleaning equipment, supplies, and the expertise of professionals should be factored into the price. A low estimate may only include flat rugs, so if your stairs are carpeted and require cleaning as well, be sure to ask if there is an additional fee for this. If you have multiple rooms that need cleaning, you may be able to get a discount, so don’t be afraid to ask.

This desire to cut corners and save a few dollars can also lead the homeowner to think that he can clean his own carpets with a rented machine. While many people use this method, it is important to remember that the machinery you rent has been rented to many other people who may or may not have used and cleaned it properly. This can result in a machine that is clogged or still contains residue from the last time it was used. As a result, its effectiveness is compromised and you may not be able to remove all dirt and water from your carpets during the cleaning process. If this happens, it can make your carpets more vulnerable to re-soiling and even mold growth.