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Application range and mode selection of linear multihead weigher

The multi-head linear scale can complete measurement, filling and other tasks. It is suitable for packaging various powders and small particles with good flow or low flow and uniform density. It is widely used in the quantitative packaging of granular and powder materials such as pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary drugs, animal feed, premixes, additives, detergent powder, salt, MSG, chicken essence, sugar, seeds and rice. The multihead linear scale produced by our company has a variety of different modes to choose from, such as independent mode linear scales, mixed mode linear scales, or combined mode linear packaging scales. You can choose two head linear weighers, four head linear weighers and six head linear weighers, eight head linear weighers and ACZ-B small linear weighers. The multi-head linear weigher can work automatically with the packaging machine, and the speed can reach about 10-40 bags / min.

  1. Functional Characteristics of High Dream Smart Multihead Linear Weigher

(1) Adopt advanced digital signal processing and high-speed and stable weighing system;

(2) Use high-precision digital weighing sensor to improve equipment speed and anti-interference ability;

(3) The equipment is fast in operation, simple in maintenance, and low in cost;

(4) Weigh many different materials at the same time, which can realize mixed material packaging;

(5) The product parameters are diversified to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Guangdong High Dream Intellectualized Machinery co., Ltd. is one of the international large-scale manufacturers of automatic food packaging equipment, multi-head microcomputer combination weigher. The company has a 30,000-square-meter combination weight assembly workshop and more than 300 employees, with an annual output of nearly 2,000 machines, and a complete combination weight quantitative packaging system from design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation. and start-up, technical training. to after-sales service and other comprehensive capabilities.