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6 Tips for Designing your Custom Boxes for CPG Products

custom boxes

The CPG industry is one of the largest in North America, valued at $2 trillion. Although CPG makers generally enjoy healthy margins and robust balance sheets, they must continuously fight for shelf space in stores by investing in promotive custom boxes.

What are CPGs?                    

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are items used daily by consumers that require routine replacement or replenishment, such as food, beverages, clothes, tobacco, makeup, and household products.

While consumer demand for CPGs largely remains constant, this is nevertheless a highly competitive sector. Customers easily and promptly switch brand loyalties sparked by better shopping and/or perceived brand value.

There is a constant fight to expand brand awareness and stimulate sales. Many brands have been quick to respond to dynamic customer tastes and expectations. The strongest tool that depicts upgraded brand values is definitely the CPG boxes. CPGs are traditionally packaged in easily-recognizable wrapping that consumers can quickly identify.

CPGs have typically and exclusively been sold in traditional brick and mortar stores but of late, consumers are increasingly turning to online retailers. Amazon’s business services like Prime Pantry let customers buy CPGs and enjoy next-day delivery. If you depend on such online selling platforms or choose to send your CPGs to customers directly, one thing is for sure; your packaging must be designed to meet certain set benchmarks.

Customizing the CPG box look

Have you found yourself asking, “How do I customize my packaging?” You may have the ideal product at hand that serves customers’ demands effectively but conveying this to the customers creates brand differentiation. This is an important branding component in the densely packed CPG marketplaces.

The right designs can give your brand a polished look while protecting your products from damage. Here are our top tips for designing graphics for custom CPG boxes.

custom boxes

One: Define crucial product characteristics

You can only design the CPG boxes well enough once you determine the product type you aim to sell. These matter because not all products have the same storage requirements, sizes, and targeted customer groups.

Each one of these influences the box design. Packaging perishable food items or medical supplies need thicker box constructs that maintain ideal temperatures. Beauty products also need to be transported and stored in boxes that are designed as per their individual needs.

Likewise, not every customer has the same preferences and tastes. Categorizing them and then creating CPG boxes to impress them can take the brand image to places!

Two: Design to be consistent with your brand identity

How do you recognize Coca-Cola from other beverage companies? It is its unmissable branding done on the boxes that attract customers’ attention instantly.

Special care must be taken when styling the outer custom boxes covers. Use your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts to ensure consistency. If your brand image is bright and cheery, using dark colors will not make sense. Similarly, if you want to emit an exclusive brand image then opting for single tones is the latest market trend.

You must keep in mind that the final box look extends your brand ethics to customers. These must be as fair, true, and clear as possible. Certain CPG brands misuse the graphics to give an unfair product presentation. This puts off customers when they open the boxes and deter future sales prospects.

Three: Add key product details

One of the main aims of customized CPG boxes is to enable customers to understand your products better. In addition to displaying the brand image, a brief description of the product must also be included on the boxes.

You can use the box space for advertising your whole product line, listing certifications from recognized bodies, and conveying production details. These undoubtedly create a better customer link that compels them to pick your brand time and again.

Four: Create layered packaging

Often CPG products are packed in fragile containers or are sensitive to the environment (in case of food items, CBD, cosmetics, and medicines). Before settling on the box design, consider the layers involved:

  • Outer layer: It is the first thing a customer sees, and it also helps protect your product from the external elements. Make an impact by choosing the most relevant features for your design.
  • Inner layer: The void between the product and the box should be filled with a layer of trays, tissues, or crinkle paper. It helps protect the contents more strongly and also gives a superior product feel.

All the layers combined form the final custom printed shipping boxes look. It’s your customers’ first impression of your product, so make it attractive, eye-catching, and high-quality. Whether you aim for an out-there brand appeal or a more minimalistic approach to branding, make sure that they are consistent with your brand image.

Five: Get feedback

Before investing in full-fledged graphic printing, ensure that you get ample feedback on your box design. It can be through launching a limited box edition and/or asking buyers on a one-to-one basis via social media handles or in-store promotions.

Make sure people see the connection and like the packaging. If the packaging is unappealing in some way, you run the risk of losing business. Getting prompt feedback works to hit the right notes amongst target customers and make them a part of design selection.

Six: Ask for design help

Yes, all you have heard about pro box stylists is true!

They not only take over all the packaging issues but also suggest improvements and a professional approach to box printing.

You can ask them for free samples. This would help you judge whether expert advice would add to the overall brand appeal. Professional boxes instantly stand out and eradicate the chances of errors that can cost significantly. Scrutinizing the box design through expert opinion would save you a lot of headaches in the future. 

Obtaining expert help also means less time and money wastages and more cost-friendly CPG custom boxes.


Understanding the intricacies of the CPG markets and design process would significantly improve your sales potential. Why wait longer? Get started now!