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10 Cheap Ways to Move Cross Country

Are you planning to move cross country and concerned about the cost involved in the moving process? There are budget-friendly cross country moving options. You just have to do a little more work so that you don’t have to break the bank. It would be very helpful for you if you hire Agarwal Packers and Movers for your move because they provide with appropriate prices.

At the same time it is also important to keep in mind that the cheapest way to move is not always the success mantra for a move.

The actual estimate of a cross country move depends on the belongings you are planning to move. The fewer the belongings the easier and budget friendly your move will be. The only thing is that you will have to plan things when you have time in your hand. When you plan time timely, you will be able to move as per your requirements.

The actual cost of your relocation depends upon how far you are moving, which season you have chose for your move and services you need to make things better.

  1. Sell your belongings

If you have been living in a house for more than five years then you must have accumulated a lot of stuff that you no longer need. You can sell the items that are in a good condition and then you can actually pay for your move.

  • Sell your stuff online on the websites that accepts second hand items and pay you for that. You will just have to click the pictures of such items, upload them on the websites and set the price.
  • The second option could be, offline selling, if you have items that are not even unpacked then you can talk to the shopkeepers if they will accept them at a lower price. As it is said that something is better than nothing.
  • OLX pe bechde is also a good option where you can reach the buyers who can contact you if they are interested in buying.

  • Arrange for free moving boxes and packing supplies

One of the best ways to cut costs while moving abroad is to arrange for packing supplies that are free of cost.

  • Reach people who have recently moved, ask them if they have any packing supplies that are in a condition to be used again. There must be someone from your friends and colleagues who have recently moved.
  • Wine and beer shops also have a lot of moving boxes that they is of no use to them, you can ask them if they will provide it to you. Most probably they will because once they display the bottles, they don’t need them anymore.
  • Same goes with the super markets, they also receive their goods in cartons, unpack them and then it becomes waste for them. You can go there and ask them if they can provide some to you.

  • Don’t take belongings unnecessarily

  • There must be some of the items in your house that you don’t want to leave but they are not in a condition to be used. You can consider giving these items to someone who is less fortunate than you or at the NGOs that collect second hand items from houses and send them to people who are needy.
  • You can also donate the items that will cost you a lot more than what will cost you if you purchase one post move. It is better if you purchase one than packing, loading and transporting these belongings abroad.
  • Don’t move fragile items with you because when you move cross country, your items get shipped either by sea or by air. So it is better that you don’t take the risk of carrying them along because they are always prone to damage.

It is very important to consider these aspects for moving. As it is discussed above “the fewer items you move the easier your move becomes”.

  • Ask your friends and family for help

Undoubtedly, it will cost you less when you execute the move on your own than to move with the moving company. At the same time you will have to hire it because you cannot manage the work of loading and transportation by yourself. But you can do packing by taking help of your dear ones.

  • Ask your friends to help you with the work of packing on the weekends to save the cost that you would give to the moving company for your move.
  • Ask your family members for the same. You will also get some time to spend with them before your move.
  • If you are in good terms with your neighbors then you can ask them as well.
  • Go for an off-season move

Whether you believe it or not but it can make a huge impact on the cost of your relocation. It would be better if you avoid peak moving season because at that time demand for the moving companies is very high and so are the prices. You will notice a huge difference in the prices in both the seasons.

  • Look for discounts

If you are not able to gather your supplies for free then you should look the available discounts on packing material. You should not leave any scope of saving your money as you will have to incur some expenses post your move.

So these are the ways that will definitely help you out in planning a budget-friendly cross country move. It would be better if you hire Agarwal packers for better assistance and guidance. Have a nice move!