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Looking for top digital marketing agencies? Here is a list of Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies in Spain to cater you with digital marketing services. Hiring a digital marketing consultant has become crucial for carrying out social media marketing as well as online marketing & lead generation. It is no hidden fact in the current scenario that the kind of analysis you can access through digital marketing methods are way more effective in decision making than traditional marketing methods. Not only does digital marketing helps in generating more sales leads but also gives efficient ROI analysis.

As digital platforms and tailored ads enable real-time interaction with specific audiences, digital marketing is eclipsing traditional marketing. Customers in today’s digital economy not only expect a digital presence, but they are also more likely to trust a company with a digital footprint. With the help of the top Digital Marketing Companies, you take your company to the next level.

To make your research process easier, we have put together a list of the Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies in Spain. Each of these digital marketing agencies has something different to offer to you. With their help, you can fulfill all your digital marketing goals. 

Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies in Spain

The Following Spain Digital Marketing Companies employ the latest digital marketing tools to make sure their clients achieve the best results.

01. SGK

Marketing and Advertising in Spain

Address: Apartado De Correos 15, Alzira, Spain

SGK is a global packaging and brand experience company. From idea to implementation, we deliver packaging solutions and brand experiences that give brands the freedom to speak louder, scale faster and grow stronger. We simplify marketing and amplify brands to deliver value. We have more than 6,500 employees and 1,500 clients worldwide, and sales of $744 million in 2019 and have been advising many of the world’s greatest brands for 75+ years. SGK is a Matthews International company.

02. Minty Digital

Marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain

Address: Av. de la Catedral, 6, 1A Planta, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

To win the digital marketing game, you need to get noticed, get clicked and make sales. We’ll help you do it, with ultra-compelling paid adverts, highly optimised content, and a website that glides people all the way to your checkout. All backed up by analytics that help you keep on improving your customer experience, to turn first-time buyers into loyal advocates. A Google Partnered Digital Marketing Agency specialising in Google AdWords, Paid Social, SEO and Website Development.

03. Crowd

Marketing agency in Madrid, Spain

Address: Gta. de Quevedo, 9, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Crowd is a global creative agency that specialises in amplifying demand for brands around the world. Our dynamic, multi-national team fuses rich data, digital innovation, and creativity to ensure your message hits harder, budgets go further, and sales reach higher. Crowd combines localised knowledge with the support and reach of a worldwide network, allowing your brand to succeed both at home and internationally. From San Francisco to Sydney, Crowd is already helping clients amplify demand – so why not join them?

04. Wild Wild Web

Marketing agency in Alcobendas, Spain

Address: C. de Pascual Hermanos, 3, 28100 Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

Wild Wild Web es el resultado de la evolución profesional de un grupo de personas que viven por y para el diseño. Estamos especializados en el desarrollo de sitios web con gestores de contenido integrados y cumpliendo siempre los estándares del w3c. Estamos ubicados en Alcobendas, a 15 minutos del centro de Madrid y del aeropuerto de Barajas.

05. Appetite Creative Solutions

Design agency in Madrid, Spain

Address: Spaces Atocha, C. de Méndez Álvaro, 20, 28045 Madrid, Spain

The Digital Experiences Studio Connecting Brands to Today’s Audiences. We are a multi-award-winning creative technology studio with a passion to bring advertising to life, inspire others through creativity and innovation and deliver results. Digital Marketing specialists, offering innovative creative, website and advertising solutions across all devices and screens for clients such as Armani Hotels, Disney, Mercedes, DMA, Marriott, Emirates, Royal Bank of Scotland and Boylesports. At Appetite, we understand our customers’ need for new and innovative ideas and we promise to deliver this with flair and individuality. We feel that our company can offer new and exciting creative processes to deliver a bespoke service for our customers. We welcome challenges from all fields, big or small, from companies that are looking to expand their digital presence.

06. Dutch Synergy

Internet marketing service in Spain

Address: C. Cuba Bajo, 83, 29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain

Dutch Synergy increases the attractiveness of industrial companies on internet. With more visibility, more customers and more sales as result. Unlike general marketing agencies, we understand the industrial market. We know the challenges entrepreneurs in the Industry are facing. We know what works and what doesn’t work for industrial buyers and engineers. We understand that you don’t have time to do marketing yourself. And last but not least, we understand that at the end everything is about results. We combine our knowledge of the industrial market with expertise in effective marketing strategies, innovative web techniques and convincing texts. The result: a unique website and other marketing activities that achieve impact on the ideal customer and encourage him to take action. Synergy Today it´s about the bigger picture. Not just one, but all elements of digital presence are relevant to generate effect. Synergy is the magic word. When 1 + 1 equals 3. Or 5. Or 100. We know that synergy happens when we combine many online initiatives to create an effect that´s greater than the sum of all parts. Only the blend of all elements will provide sublime value and gain fascinating online effect. With our holistic approach we empower businesses in the Industry by giving them the tools they need to achieve true success. Our solutions reach the business goals because they´re designed to synergize.

07. Webbing Online

Marketing agency in Mataró, Spain

Address: Av. Ernest Lluch 32, TecnoCampus, Oficina 2.19, 08302 Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

Somos un equipo joven y con experiencia especializado en el diseño y desarrollo de páginas web y tiendas online de todo tipo, totalmente gestionables y orientadas a las necesidades de cada cliente. Nos encargamos de todo el proceso de creación web y promoción online, desde simples hasta más avanzadas, con un sinfín de funcionalidades y módulos extra. Contamos con una oferta de servicios especializados de marketing online como posicionamiento web SEO, campañas de publicidad de pago por clic en Google Adwords y Google Shopping, gestión del Social Media Marketing y de la reputación online. Además, somos profesionales del diseño y desarrollo de apps móviles para los sistemas Android y iOS.

08. Sociaw

Marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain

Address: C. de Mallorca, 315, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

Sociaw is a boutique digital agency with a focus on content and social media. Our mission is to build your brand’s online presence and engage with your current and potential customers. Estrategia Community Management Gestión de Crisis Campañas de pago/Social Ads Gestión de Influencers

09. Simplify Digital Growth

Marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain

Address: Passatge de Xile, 42, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

We are a digital marketing agency helping businesses exponentially grow their online traffic. We offer online marketing services such as SEO, Website Design & Development, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management & Marketing, Web Analytics & Tracking, Business Directory Listings & Citations, Conversion Funnel Optimization Strategy, Email Marketing and more. Our clients always receive positive and unexpected results because we always deliver with our excellent work quality. Contact us for an initial business assessment.

10. LaMagnética

Internet marketing service in Barcelona, Spain

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 43. Principal, 2, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

LaMagnética guides you through the digital transformation process and in defining your business plan, applying our experience and strategic vision to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. Our mission is to help you meet the challenges posed by the online world with a critical outlook in line with your business needs and objectives. – Digital transformation: we bring our vision and digital knowledge to all areas of your business or project. – Web analytics & strategy: data-driven strategies. We help you to detect and analyze key data to improve the competitiveness of your business. – Outbound & inbound marketing: we want to be your digital marketing firm and follow you through the entire process, from strategy formation to planning and implementation. SEO, SEM, Social Ads, email marketing… We are Hubspot Agency Partner Certified and a Google Partner (Google Adwords and Google Analytics).

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