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Looking for top digital marketing agencies? Here is a list of Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies in Argentina to cater you with digital marketing services. Hiring a digital marketing consultant has become crucial for carrying out social media marketing as well as online marketing & lead generation. It is no hidden fact in the current scenario that the kind of analysis you can access through digital marketing methods are way more effective in decision making than traditional marketing methods. Not only does digital marketing helps in generating more sales leads but also gives efficient ROI analysis.

As digital platforms and tailored ads enable real-time interaction with specific audiences, digital marketing is eclipsing traditional marketing. Customers in today’s digital economy not only expect a digital presence, but they are also more likely to trust a company with a digital footprint. With the help of the top Digital Marketing Companies, you take your company to the next level.

To make your research process easier, we have put together a list of the Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies in Argentina. Each of these digital marketing agencies has something different to offer to you. With their help, you can fulfill all your digital marketing goals. 

Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies in Argentina

Following Argentina’s Digital Marketing Companies Employ The Latest Digital Marketing Tools To Make Sure Their Clients Achieve The Best Results.


01. Zetenta

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Av. Santa Fe 3858, C1425 C1425FUE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are an Interactive Ad Agency specialized in online & mobile marketing, social media, digital branding and web development with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our main strength is the ability to combine different talents in order to fulfill challenging communication needs, by blending creativity, design and technology to find ways to create authentic relationships between brands and consumers. We have 16 years of experience working on websites, content marketing, and online media projects with clients in Latin America, USA and Europe. We team with large and medium-sized clients including global companies such as Disney, ESPN, Lexus, Peugeot, Diageo, Mondelez, Novartis, Mabe and Turner. We specialize in the following industries: Real Estate, Food & Beverages, Tourism, Media, Pharma, Automotive, Retail and Consumer Electronics.


02. Quantikal

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: BQG, El Salvador 5707, C1414 CABA, Argentina

Quantikal is a fully focused performance marketing agency. We constantly obsess over clients key metrics to optimize such as ROI and ROAS. We are designed to help our clients evolve alongside the complexities and opportunities that the digital marketing industry provides. Our experience working in diverse online companies in marketing roles including media buying, allows us to provide solutions in the ever demanding increase of budget performance, doing more with less thus becoming a strategic partner for our clients.


03. El Cielo Digital

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Salta 167, C1074AAC CABA, Argentina

We are specialists in web positioning in Google Ads, social networks and digital marketing strategies throughout Latin America. We work to position your site in Google, creating and optimizing not only interesting campaigns for the consumer, but also sites that deserve to be visited and comply with the search engine’s policies. Our experts will help you create your ads, advertising, and thus increase your online presence through SEM positioning, SEO and social networks. Contact us and let’s see together how we can implement customized solutions to improve the growth of your business.

El Cielo Digital
Cantaloupe Agency

04. Cantaloupe Agency

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Av. Cabildo 1543 Of. B, C1426 CABA, Argentina

We have more than 15 years of experience offering digital solutions and sharing our expertise to meet each of our clients’ needs. We provide advice and guidance to businesses throughout their digital transformation process. This entails guiding our clients through the creation of an innovation culture, and advising in terms of automation and the use of new technologies. Digital Transformation Consulting We advise and accompany companies in the process of digital transformation. We offer support in the creation of a culture of innovation, consulting for the implementation of digital processes and advice on automation and the use of new technologies. — Implementation of cloud platforms We create and implement cloud platforms according to the requirements of each client. We provide personalized hosting solutions, email marketing, e-commerce, among others. We are Google Partners for the implementation of Google Workspace, digital tools for the new way of working.

Cantaloupe Agency
Norte Digital

05. Norte Digital

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Av. del Libertador 8580 Piso 13 D, C1429BNS Buenos Aires, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Norte Digital is composed of professionals passionate about Marketing, all with more than 10 years of experience in Google products. We have a strong passion for what we do, we share the best practices in each country and industry in which we participate. We work in a one-on-one relationship with the largest companies in the world, with which we work together to deliver the best results to our customers. Norte Digital is composed of professionals passionate about Marketing, all with more than 10 years of experience in Google products. We have a strong passion for what we do, we share the best practices in each country and industry in which we participate.

Norte Digital
Punto Rojo

06. Punto Rojo

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Malabia 1843 Of. 2, C1414 CABA, Argentina

We offer SEO consulting services. We work with clients from different industries such as travel, retail, ecommerce, among others. We have a team trained to face SEO campaigns aligned with usability to achieve the highest percentage of web monetization possible. We differentiate ourselves by our quality of service based on know-how and our own technology developments for SEO campaign implementations. We are an exclusive SEO agency – Organic Positioning in Google. We work to position your website so that your business is profitable. ⭐ Best Agency for eCommerce 2018 & 2020

JC Marketing

07. JC Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 4709, C1414 CABA, Argentina

We are the only Agency in Argentina that offers all the in-house Digital Mkt services -We have the largest base of Influencers in the country, and our excellent relationship with them, added to the great benefits we give them, allows us to access better prices and efficiency in their actions -We have advanced digital software that allows us to detect the use of bots and false followers, so our campaigns are transparent and efficient -We create experiences, we do not do traditional advertising, we do not like them to look like ads. That is why we are interested in being told about the brand, its history, in order to create captivating content. Our Services: -Community Management -Influencers -Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook Ads -Creativity -Ecommerce.


08. Merco

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 4996, C1414 CABA, Argentina

We are a digital marketing agency specialized in Growth Performance. We have the Google certification as a PREMIER PARTNER agency, the highest badge that Google grants. We started as a marketing agency and became strategic partners to generate results of sustained growth based on established objectives. We work with SMEs and Large Companies. We are a digital marketing agency made up of 15 professionals with Collaborative DNA. We are passionate about generating real and measurable results; For this, we accompany you in the process of learning and digital transformation with all the Know How of a decade advising companies. We define objectives together and after a minimum period of work where we experience messages, advertisements, segmentations and types of networks, we analyse which ones will be the most related to the objectives set at the ZERO moment.


09. Way2net

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Avenida Boulevard del Mirador 530, Bahia Grande Nordelta Condominios Lofts Piso 3 Oficina 306 Buenos Aires AR, B1670 NGG, Argentina

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Digital Strategy, Web Positioning and Business Development and we know how to make the internet a valuable resource for your company. Online marketing SEO positioning on the Internet e-mailing campaigns Digital Advertising, Advertising in Google Adwords, Programmatic Purchase Graphic design, Corporate Image and web page design Social Media Marketing, Social Network Management and Online Reputation It seems that you have to be in everything, but knowing how and when makes a difference. We are the Online Marketing Agency you need. We accompany you in your business strategy to grow and make the most of the internet. We have marketing plans for all types of companies.


10. Web360

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Martín A. Malharro 2523, C1429EDA CABA, Argentina

Web360 Digital Marketing is to develop a digital media strategy that allows our clients to have a global and relevant presence for their campaigns. Prior to implementation, we develop the strategy, analysis and planning so that the results of the investment are favorable. Web360 Digital Marketing performs permanent monitoring of all its digital actions through its digital media department, which are communicated to the client in a systematized way or upon request. Both processes are under ISO 9001 certification. With extensive experience in the international market we can guarantee measurable and reliable results for your campaign. Web360 Digital Marketing, has an exclusive department for the control, monitoring and optimization of all the digital actions that make up a campaign. Through a certified process, all our analysts understand that the success of the campaign is a consequence of the daily work on each one of them.

Digital Now

11. Digital Now

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: 25 de Mayo 375 Piso 3°, 1002 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina that provides SEO, SEM, Facebook Ads, Web Design, Community Management and Email Marketing Services. We are a Google Partner digital marketing agency founded in 2016 by Javier Chapto, who currently serves as director. Javier Chapto has a degree in Business Administration from the University of San Andrés and has experience managing more than US$5,000,000 in Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns for companies such as Falabella, Natura, Clarín and La Salteña, and start-ups such as Trocafone and Craft Society. Many times it seems more complicated than it is! In this mini course we explain it to you in an easy to understand way, with a video that tells the story of Juan and Ramón.

Fórmula Web

12. Fórmula Web

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Migueletes 982, C1426 CABA, Argentina

We are a digital marketing agency focused on boosting business through the marketing of results. We know the fundamental pillars of each business model and we build the advertising strategies that best suit them. We specialize in digital marketing services that increase the return on investment and that, leveraged by web analytics, strengthen and consolidate your brand in the market. Get to know our integral services of digital marketing for each stage of the conversion funnel of your clients and get in touch with us so that we can advise you in the development of your business. As a digital marketing agency we dedicate ourselves to what we like the most, to boost business. We carry out challenging projects that seek to excel in the market and position themselves as the leaders in the segment. To achieve the objective, we use digital marketing strategies that enhance the ROI (return on investment) and increase sales in the short and long term.

Bubo Branding

13. Bubo Branding

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Peña 2812 4/401, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina

At Bubo Branding we offer you a wide and exclusive range of B2B and B2C Marketing Solutions , available 100% according to your needs, budget and time. Follow the tour and find out!. Reach your Potential Customers with Online Advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. Or using more direct strategies through Mailing Marketing thanks to our Partnership with Mailchimp. Access all our services with a new , more accessible and friendlier approach : by the hour, by task, by project for a specific time or indefinitely. Let’s put together a Social Media Management plan tailored to your needs. We have all the Graphic Design and Content Generation resources to develop your brand’s community; organic and/or with Online Advertising .


14. BullMetrix

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: 2595, BVM, Av. Congreso, C1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Digital Marketing Company. We specialize in customizing effective strategies for each type of business. Our services Paid Media, SEO, Email Marketing. Why consultants? Because in addition to implementing campaigns and optimizing them, we take the time to understand which market to target and what is the best way to meet the challenges they present to us. We will be strategic partners, we will work as a team to enhance your brand and your sales because we take care of sustainable growth. We want to accompany and leverage your growth, promote all digital marketing actions that encourage the conversion of your business.


15. Brandformance

Digital Marketing Agency in Argentina

Address: Lavalleja 856, C1414DTR CABA, Argentina

We are a 360 digital agency focused on driving business results with a strong strategic focus, creativity and innovation and thinking about what your consumers need. We humanize marketing by working with integrated ecosystems, creating the connections that brands need to be at the forefront, and offering companies tangible advantages in today’s world. Marketing, Creativity, Performance and Science, represents us. We are agile. We are prepared to face the dynamism that our paradigm presents. We are a team that constantly seeks to challenge itself. We acquire tools to be pioneers in the industry. Put on your headphones and enjoy our soundtracks, experimental sounds and more, which we make 100% in-house for digital and offline campaigns. In clients such as: Frávega, BGH Argentina, BGH Chile, Hisense Global, Nidera by Syngenta, GSK, STDA, Sensodyne, Corega, Parodontax, among others.

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